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Come play with me, vote for fanvideo_las

A while ago, I signed up for the very first Last Author Standing challenge for fanvideos, also known as fanvideo_las.

Challenge 1 is now live for voting! \o/

The prompt for this round was "Shades Of Grey" and I really had a ball filling it. I suspect my entry stands out like a sore thumb. But whatever, dudes. I ain't telling. You have to guess! ;)

If you're wondering why I signed up... well, for a couple of reasons, namely that I wanted to vid to prompt and deadline -- I find I'm more productive that way. However, I didn't want the stress of an exchange, where someone would be left hanging if I had to skip and couldn't fill a prompt. LAS seemed the perfect compromise.

This will probably sound Lady Macbeth-ish, but I really don't care about "winning", even though that's kind of the point of LAS. That said, as LAS needs votes in order to run, I do encourage you to go and cast a vote. Pretty please, with a fannish cherry on top!

All you have to do is watch some vids and write 4 sentences of concrit -- easy peasy (and also fun if you are a nerd like me).

How to vote for fanvideo_las

If you know what to do, just go to the Voting Post for Round 1 // Challenge 1. There are instructions there.

If you want a step-by-step guide, with me holding your hand through the process of watching the vids and voting:

Step-by-step guide to voting in fanvideo_las

In order to be fair, the vids are separated into the categories of PRO (ie. the vidder uses a professional editing suite) and WMM (Windows MovieMaker). You get to vote in both categories.

  1. Start by copying and pasting the voting form into a document:

  2. Now watch the vids:

    A Hazy Shade of Winter
    Escape Myself
    Kamikaze Airplanes in the Sky
    Now I See The World Through Diamond Eyes
    Shadow of Your Heart

    Shades of Gray
    Tear Me Apart
    The Sun’s Gone Dim and the Sky’s Turned Black

  3. Fill in your form, voting for the vids you think are technically strongest, and weakest, in each category.

    Your reason has to point out something technical or observable (not just the vid starring your fandom favourite, in other words), like:
    • the vid is more than 5 mins long
    • the cutting doesn't match the song
    • there doesn't seem to be a story, theme or emotion in this vid -- it's just random scenes of Character X stuck together

    • the design of titles and effects adds a gorgeous visual cohesiveness to the vid
    • the vid is an effective character study, with a good overview of the arc through season 2, which reminded me just how sad that season made me
    • the challenge's theme is beautifully integrated into the character interactions in this vid

    If you want more info, there are also Official Guidelines on how to make sure your vote is valid.

  4. Leave your vote in reply to the voting comment thread here

Ta daaaaaaa! You have now voted. Fannish cherries to you. :)

Deadline to vote: Sunday, February 27th @ 5:00 PM EST!

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