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Where's the Inception team when you really need them?

I woke up this morning half-way through an extremely vivid dream, in which I couldn't seem to get to bed because I kept getting interrupted. And in the end I finally managed to flop belly down, and moan to the Mystery Person next to me, "I'm so exhausted. I just want to sleep forever."

Then I woke up.

Or did I?


It was hard to tell the difference, as I was lying in exactly the same position, minus Mystery Person, feeling so exhausted all I wanted to do was sleep forever.

Methinks it's a problem when you are so exhausted you feel tired even while actually asleep.

In other news, it was the last day of semester today. This is what I have to say about that: \o/

It's been a great semester for the most part, but by god I'm tired. I can't wait for a week and a half from now, when I'm jetting off to Paris with Hope. PARIS, YOU GUYS!

*daydreams about cheese and unicorn tapestries*

Oh, while I think of it, are all you local people going to Get Up's Climate Rally next weekend?

Where: Perth Cultural Centre (James Street Mall)
When: 11am Sunday June 5

I'm planning to go, assuming I've managed to roll out of bed by then. (Not actually a joke, OMG.)

So, what's your news? Did anything interesting happen while I was neck-deep in teaching the heady joys of Chicago Author-Date referencing?

I take it people weren't Raptured en masse. Not that I've heard the news for weeks, or, you know, had a life. Seriously, the zombie apocalypse could have started, and I'd only know because of the increase in applications for assignment extensions. *facepalm*

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