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If you've been wondering why I've been so quiet lately, one of the reasons is that my main computer, on which I vid and so on, died.

And not just a little death, or a temporary death. But a full-on, "Sorry, we can't salvage any of the data on your hard-drive," type of death.

:( :( :(

However, I now have a new hard drive, I have completed the installation of my last full backup. I've re-installed software. I've added-on nearly all of my usual add-ons. And I find that *touch wood* I don't seem to have lost much at all.

Thank god for full backups, is all I can say. Although I did have a touchy moment there, because I dropped my backup drive while I was having a bad gluten reaction. Gah.

Anyway, I've reinstalled Sony Vegas, and so far I seem to be able to open most of my vid projects.

There's just one small problem... I've totally forgotten how to use Sony Vegas in the three months I haven't been vidding. Its user interface is seriously not intuitive, and I'm staring at it like a clueless gumby all over again.

Oh, well. I have a few months before I have to turn in my Festivid, so I guess I can re-learn it. In my copious free time.

The moral of this story is: backup. (And don't eat gluten.)

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