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My over-investment is showing

Do you pay attention to things like the order in which stuff is posted in secret santa fests?

You don't, right? That's just me.

I totally do, because I'm a giant nerd. I try to comment on everything if I'm taking part, as it adds to the whole fest experience, and because of that there are a few patterns that have jumped out at me over the years. With fests which post over several days, to my eye, it tends to look like this:

  • First to be posted are the submissions sent in before the fest deadline, and while there's the usual variation in quality you'd expect, these submissions tend to be passable to strong, with very few really weak ones. When commenting, I only give compliments I mean, and I rarely struggle to comment on these entries.

  • Next up are all the submissions by people who made the deadline or were just slightly late -- this accounts for the bulk of the fest. Quality varies immensely, with very weak works rubbing cheeks with complex and well-made pieces. Although commenting is still fun, I start to struggle to find nice things to say on a few of the works (not always because they are weak, either, but because they are wildly not to my taste, or genres I'd never normally read).

  • Finally, in the last few days, you have the very late entries and the pinch hits. Pinch-hitters usually do a great job given the time constraint, and I don't have much trouble commenting, but it's also rare to find a really fabulous work in the final days of the fest.

I won't comment on when my submission tends to be posted, or when the gift for me tends to be posted, but I have noticed those things too. :)

What things have you noticed about your fests?

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