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Guessing game

Teen Wolf S2 finale guesses below the cut...

1. Jackson
I have reconsidered the Jackson situation. Originally, I thought he clawed himself rather than claw one of his peers. But now I think he did it under orders from Gerard in order to create a distraction so that Stiles could be nabbed.

2. Gerard
There's some greater reason why he's so anti-Hale. Maybe a previous Alpha Hale bit him in self-defence, and the pills are holding off the change, but have made him insane. Why choose Stiles as bait, though? It can't be for Scott -- he could have taken Scott out any time since the blackmail deal -- so it has to be for Derek. He thinks Stiles will bring all the Alphas to the yard? Slashy. :)

3. Allison
She didn't even pause before shooting school mates who are now werewolves, but I think she will pause when she finds Stiles is being used by Grandpa as bait. She will end up double-crossing Gerard at the eleventh hour, and reconciling with her dad. But will there be a manky basement scene with chains, so we get a close-up of her wide-eyed and slightly tearful???? I'm thinking the odds are good.

4. Chris Argent
Will be the one to take out dear old pops.

5. Scott
Won't answer his phone when Stiles manages to get free long enough to try to call for help, but will turn up at the crucial moment anyway. He will also rock his indecisiveness to all new levels.

6. Derek
Will stop navel gazing with Crazy Uncle Peter long enough to be in on the rescue of Stiles. Shirtless. However, the rescue will be foiled just long enough for Scott to have to save the day. Stiles may cling to Derek's manly naked biceps. It could happen. Derek is also going to angry at Scott at the worst possible moment.

7. Stiles
Will remain fully clothed. There will be close-ups of his eyes.

8. Crazy Uncle Peter
Will be the bad guy for next season, which is a shame as he's dull. In my preferred scenario, Lydia drops a house on him, thus cutting him in half, and getting rid of him for good. In the process, she learns the truth, finds out the Creepy School Councellor is in the know too, and can thus get treatment for her PTSD before the Creepy Counsellor unethically co-opts her into the Creepy Supernatural-Advisor Sorority.

9. Lydia
Will remain in the dark, and probably have a meaningful conversation with Jackson in the hospital, and be menaced by Crazy Uncle Peter.

10. Sheriff Stilinski
Will find out the truth when he arrives at the Argent's manky basement just as Stiles is rescued.

11. Melissa McCall
Will love her son.

12. The Coach
Won't be in the ep, as he's at home watching ID4.

13. Isaac, Erica, Boyd
May join Scott's pack, if they all survive. But the burning question is: will Boyd fulfil his racefail potential by dying tragically? I'm hoping not.

14. Dr Deaton
Look, I want to like you, but I JUDGE YOU. Your supposedly kindly Alpha lessons suck and are too little too late. Where were you before Derek had to make all these decisions with clearly inadequate training for the role? And why are you so horribly cryptic? I'm hoping you turn out to be awesome, and maybe help resolve the Creepy Uncle Peter issue, but I have doubts.

15. Danny
Will say something supportive to Jackson.

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