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Teen Wolf S2 Finale

Disappointing. I mean, yes, this is a teen show, but compared to other eps this season the characterisation was weak, the plot didn't make much sense, and while the major story strands were resolved, it wasn't very satisfying.

Gerard got a less glorious ending than he deserved -- he was such a great villain, and his big reveal and downfall all felt a bit stilted and set-pieceish.

Jackson -- so much privilege, so few redeeming features. My god. He's a killer who was at least partly complicit in the killing (yes, he was being controlled, but he took out a restraining order against Scott and Stiles rather than take responsibility for his actions once he was made aware of them, and he clearly could exercise some discrimination as the Kanima, or he would have killed the pregnant woman when ordered to -- which implies he at least partially complied with the orders he was getting). How does he deserve a second chance if mentally-disturbed Matt didn't? How does he deserve Lydia? I just... words fail me. And yet, the text seems to think he's worth saving, and glories in his transformation. Yuck. The teen genre's ethical limitations are really in full flower with him, and it's vile.

Lydia. Oh Lydia. She's cried the whole season, and has been used by the text to transform not one, but two psychopathic men. Her storyline is so creepy and sexist.

Derek. I'm honestly beginning to consider getting on the woobie-Derek bandwagon, and I'm not even all that fond of the character. The text just will not cut him a break, even when he's not being incompetent and is one of the few characters trying to act in the best interests of the Beacon Hills community. The way he was treated in the finale made no sense. Scott (and Deaton) played him -- Scott pretending to be part of the pack when they knew Derek was desperate for help, neither of them telling him they were working on a con for Gerard, and then Scott acting all holier than thou when Derek basically said, "You betrayed me." Bah. Guess what, Scott (and Deaton), you did betray him. Writers, is he a tortured and misunderstood bad boy, or is he actually a villain we should think deserves this? Because he's way less ethically dubious than Jackson, and yet is consistently positioned as worthy of no compassion at all, and I find that confusing. Also how desperate must he be feeling for advice and support to give Peter the time of day? Maybe if Deaton actually spoke to him with any good-will he'd feel like he had options. Double bah with a cherry on top.

Peter... okay, now you're over your resurrection storyline, you're kind of funny in addition to the creepy evil. I'm prepared to give you a chance to be an awesome villain next season.

Stiles. I find it fascinating the way he deliberately sabotages himself with Lydia every chance he gets. He's such a kid still. I thought he got short shrift this episode, as some of his scenes didn't make much sense both in the larger context of Stiles' characterisation and the plot, but the actor made the most of what there was.

Allison and Chris. I actually liked their resolution best, although Allison getting used as motivation for Scott sucked, especially with Lydia also being used in the service of the male characters. In light of that, I'm glad Allison broke up with Scott. Maybe she'll get to be her own person next season.

Scott continues to be bafflingly uninteresting. The bromance fade-out at the end was delightful... except for the way Scott takes Stiles utterly for granted. Scott is so, so privileged in this text, and has absolutely no awareness of it whatsoever.

Deaton and the Councellor: okay, I'm intrigued, and starting to think they are both creepy, and that Deaton is not the benevolent shaman he has appeared to be, but something much more sinister. Cool. That makes his inadequate advising of Derek perfectly reasonable! He has a deeper game. Is he a Hunter Hunter? Out to make sure they stick to the Code? Who watches the watchers, indeed.

And that's what I think about that.

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