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Fest letters

Dear TW_Yuletide writer/vidder,

It's my first time signing up for a Teen Wolf fest, so I'm a little nervous. If you're feeling a bit nervous too, the most important thing you need to know is that whatever you make me, I'm going to love it.

The next most important thing you need to know is that I have broad tastes in both fic and vids, but more than anything else, I love friendship romances. As long as the characters in your story or vid genuinely like each other? I will be with you all the way!

I do prefer plotty to PWP, but I love character studies and crack just as much as a I love action and adventure. Hopefully there's something in the prompts you can work with, but if there's not, just go with your strengths.

* * *

Dear Festividder,

I love fanvids. And I especially love small-fandom vids, so you have a pretty easy task here. Whatever you make, I'm going to love it. :)

This year I've asked for a lot of sources that focus on women, because I'm in the mood for kick-ass women. There are a few other types of sources too, so you have a bit of elbow room. Any of these would be great, seriously, so go with your strengths.

In particular, if you have a whacked-out idea, go for it: experimental vids are awesome. I also love constructed reality vids with a burning passion. Ironic vids (contrasting music and images) are great too, and character studies rock. Oh, who am I kidding, I love all types of vids!

I really suck at picking music. I like fast-paced music, and I also like music without lyrics. I'm not such a fan of sampling lines of dialogue from the show/movie in vids. It's not a deal-breaker if that's your thing, but please don't put soundbites over the top of lyrics. It distracts me and I can't hear anything properly (ack, makes me feel so old to admit that).

Alien series [Movie]
For Aliens, I would love and adore a Ripley vid. Bonus points for including the power-loader battle.

Armour of God series [Movie]
I love Jackie Chan, and Operation Condor is my favourite of all his films, and I'd love something with Jackie being funny and amazing. Bonus points if you include the giant wind turbine sequence -- one of the most classic comedy-action scenes ever filmed.

Brave (2012) [Movie]
There's so much to love about this film, but I particularly love the mother/daughter relationship. And also the bear-obsessed woodcarver. :)

Jackie Brown (1997) [Movie]
Music: Something slinky and sexy, maybe disco or fast-paced jazz, or a remix evoking that era.

I'd love a kick-ass action vid, focused on Jackie. Possibly intercut with some of Grier's earlier movies as backstory, if that floats your boat.

James Bond films (various) [Movie]
Music: Please don't feel bound by this, but one of the Bond theme-songs might be the perfect ironic counterpoint for a women-focused Bond vid. :)

A vid focusing on the Bond women would be super awesome-sauce.

Moonrise Kingdom [Movie]
This is so full of fabulous characters. The scout troop in particular are awesome, and I love the central rebel-without-a-cause relationship too. It's the quirky humour that sold me on this film, so if you can capture that, I'll be ecstatic.

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency [TV]
The women are the heart of this show, but the everyday detail of the setting is also a delight. A vid with a focus on a slice-of-life might be perfect.

Wonder Woman (1975) [TV]
Something with Wonder Woman kicking ass and taking names. Or maybe picking up on the feminist aspects of this being a community of women.

* * *

Dear DeanCas_Xmas writer/vidder,

My notes were pretty long this year, so I'm not going to add much here. The main this is that I love friendship romances of every stripe. Just make the characters like each other, and I will be so happy. :)

* * *

A final word

I like to poke around and see what my assignee writes and recs, as it gives an idea of their taste. If any of you want to see the kinds of stories and vids I rec, you can find my recs here: As I said, I have broad tastes, so do write or vid to your strengths. :)

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