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OMG the last day before festivids opens is always the worst. Amirite? It's so close, and yet still so far away!

I'm looking forward to reveals too -- usually I'm just interested to see who did what, but this time I really want to talk technical stuff. I'm getting more and more interested in the technical stuff.

I've edited enough vids now that I'm getting a feel for which aspects of vidding particularly interest me. I love credit sequences, and I love colour work -- I want to learn all the things about colour. I'm also interested in sound editing and sound effects, but know hardly anything about them. I'm also increasingly interested in fps, and what impact that has on viewing -- I regularly vid in ~24fps and 25fps, and sometimes in ~30fps. The differences aren't visible to the eye, until you try to mix sources at different frame rates. I wonder what 48fps looks like in the editing suite? I wonder how long before we have a useable universal standard -- that would be so great.

I'd kind of like to have a go at co-vidding something, so I can get a first-hand look at how other vidders work. That doesn't seem to be something that people do very often -- I guess it's much harder to share vid files than docs. Have any of you co-vidded? How did you go about it?

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