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Escapade Vidshow

I submitted to the Escapade vidshow again this year, which is only my second time taking part in a formal vidshow. I'm stupidly excited, especially given that I'm not even there!

This year, having learned from last year, I meant to suborn a spy who could tell me about the show as it happened... but due to personal drama that doesn't need exploring at this juncture, I forgot.

Why is no-one tweeeeting???? Ugh. It's worse than waiting for someone to read a just-finished story while you're in the room with them.

Anyway, having managed to submit to Escapade twice (without much grace, admittedly; I'm sure the vid-runner despaired), I'm thinking of maybe trying to submit to Vividcon this year.

There's enough time I can make a new vid and figure out how to export it to NTSC so it doesn't look like a zebra (for non-vidders: it's a thing that sometimes happens when you convert stuff from one format to another if you are a n00b like me). And I even have a Teen Wolf idea that I think would play well for a live audience.

Vividcon, though. *bites nails* Have any of you done Vividcon? Is it as much fun as it sounds?

And most importantly of all, are any of you willing to be my spy? I don't think I could wait until the after-con reports for Vividcon. I'd bite my nails to the quick or something. *Bambi eyes*

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