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Software recs

Have any of you tried Discourse yet? Is it any good?

Software recs

Every now and again, I list the extensions, add-ons and other bits and pieces I'm currently using. It's dead useful every time I need to teach a new computer to walk and talk. :)


  • Adblock Plus: Exactly what it sounds like, it blocks all those annoying pop-ups and flashing ads on your screen. Awesomely.

  • Session Manager: Saves your session, so you don't have to find all those tabs again. Can't do internet without this, seriously.

  • ColorfulTabs: Now I can keep all my open tabs from one fandom/website together and colour coded with the same colour. The AO3 is pink. :)

  • Tree Style Tab: I've only recently started using this one, in place of Tab Mix Plus. I'm liking it. Used in combination with ColorfulTabs, this is a great way to sort your tabs so they are quick and easy to find. Plus it shrinks and expands them in groups. It took a bit of practice to get used to, and it does eat memory, but it's awesome.

  • Tab Mix Lite: I pretty much just have this so I can specify how I want the "close tab" options to work.

  • Tab Wheel Scroll: When your mouse isn't pointed inside a tab, it will scroll through your tabs rather than up and down the page. Neat.

  • Copy Link Text (CoLT): Indispensable. I've been using this forever. It basically expands your copy/paste options, so you can choose just the text, just the link, or both. Awesome.

  • DownloadHelper: So I can archive awesome songvids wherever I find them.

  • Diigo Toolbar: So I can bookmark all the cool stuff and access it anywhere.

  • Fox Clocks: Tracks what time it is in other parts of the world, as unobtrusive text at the bottom of your browser.

  • GreaseMonkey: Makes other stuff work. You'll only need this if you use specific scripts for Firefox -- they will say when you download and install them. I use it for Google Account Multi-Login, and Word Count.

  • Pocket: Used to be ReadLater, and is the same service with a different name. Allows you to bookmark things to read later on other computers/devices.

  • English (Australian) Dictionary: \o/

  • Plug-ins: Mostly I just have the standard ones that Firefox recommends, but I also have the Google Earth and VLC Web plug-ins.

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