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Festivids: "Duel" by cupidsbow (14 Blades, M)

This vid was my main assignment this year. I had a lot of fun watching the other vids in the request list, notably Why Don't You Play in Hell? I was very tempted to vid that, as it's a surreal, funny, clever movie about poseur film makers and rival gangs. It was really violent, though, and in the end I didn't want to spend hours editing quite so much blood. I was actually matched to Cara Marie on Hard Boiled, which has a great action sequence with new born babies in a hospital, and I was very tempted to vid that!

In the end, 14 Blades was my favourite of the films -- it's just so gorgeous. There are so many great sequences that didn't even make it into the vid -- the main plot line, which I didn't use at all, the many horse chases through the desert, and several other spectacular fights just to name a few. I could make a whole other vid, equally pretty, without re-using a single clip from the vid I actually made. So if you're looking for gorgeous source to vid, I recommend 14 Blades.

As for the vid itself, I like how it turned out, even though it's not the vid I originally envisaged. When I started to edit, I was in the mood for editing action, so that's what I went with instead of a character piece about the A Plot. I can see quite a few flaws with the finished vid (as always, is there ever a perfect vid?), but overall, I like the way the visuals and music work together, especially as there's no lyric to use as a narrative spine.

Title: Duel, by [personal profile] cupidsbow/cupidsbow
Fandom: 14 Blades
Characters: Qinglong and Tuotuo
Rating: M
Warnings: Fast cuts, flashes, violence, non-graphic child harm.
Recipient: Cara Marie, for Festivids 2014. (Originally posted here).
Artist’s notes: Music: Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey.

Summary: Winning is everything.

Download from MediaFire: Duel-cupidsbow.rar (49.6MB MP4); Duel-HD-cupidsbow.rar (79.4MB WMV)
Stream: YouTube

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