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Festivids: "Bury Me Deep in Love" by cupidsbow (The Sapphires, PG-13)

I was sure that someone would spot me as the editor who made this, because I've been requesting the fandom forever. It was such a pleasure to revisit the source to make this vid. I only managed to get hold of the DVD late in the piece, so maybe one day I'll finish that half-made Borgen vid. :)
The most interesting part was actually finding the music, because I wanted something from an Indigenous artist, but which fit the era and tone of the movie. I listened to a lot of stuff, including most of Jimmy Little's earlier work, and I searched high and low for anything by the original Sapphires too. In the end, I thought this was the best fit, but I never did find the music I thought was perfect, you know.
Title:Bury Me Deep in Love, by cupidsbow
Visual source: The Sapphires
Music: Bury Me Deep in Love, Kylie Minogue (feat. Jimmy Little)
Characters: Gail, Julie, Kay, Cynthia, Dave
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Flashes, violence.
Recipient: Sanguinity, for Festivids 2015. (Originally posted here).

Summary: How long this cold dark night is taking.
Bury Me Deep in Love Cover, by cupidsbow

Download from MediaFire: Deep in Love - cupidsbow-sm (52.25MB, MP4)
Stream: YouTube

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