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Festivids wrap-up

I made three vids this year for Festivids, my main assignment, a pinch hit, and an extra.

I've updated by rec post to include the names of the vidders. You can find the master list with all reveals here.

So how did I do on my guesses this year? About the same as usual.

The earlier guesses I made were the ones I was most sure of, and I got them mostly right. The later guesses were more speculative and I got them mostly wrong.

I guessed Black Out Days (A Streetcar Named Desire) was by Hollywoodgrrl
  • correct
Galaxyrise might be bironic (I just +1'd on this, as I hadn't been sure enough to make my own guess)
  • wrong, starlady did
I have been wondering who could have made my Persuasion vid, and really don't have a clue. Short list includes SDWolfpup or dkwilliams, who are both great at relationship vids, sabaceanbabe who has a great eye for that telling detail, or one of the new-to-festivids vidders I'm not familiar with
  • correct, it was dkwilliams
kiki_miserychic (the It Follows vid), although I'd noticed she'd commented on the vid, which did make me second-guess myself :)
  • correct
I think SDWolfpup might have made the fabulous Ian McKellan/Patrick Stewart vid. Or else the Planet Earth vid. 
  • wrong - such heights made the Ian McKellan/Patrick Stewart vid, and Little Heaven made the Planet Earth vid
Rhea314 might have made at least two of the Hausu vids
  • wrong, but terajk made two of the Hausu vids, so I was right it was someone with the same style
thingswithwings I think maybe made the Miss Piggy vid, Superstar
  • wrong, Little Heaven did
Sholio might have made the Secret Garden vid
  • wrong, condnsdmlk did; Sholio made the Lethal Weapon vid

And that's a wrap. :)
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