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VID: Objectified, by cupidsbow (Victor/Victoria, Vic/King, PG-13)

Julie Andrews is so awesome. I've wanted to vid this move for a while, not only because of Julie Andrews, but because I love the genderfuckery. I chose this song by Shawna Virago because it really captures so many aspects of gender-queerness, and the way that gender is performance. It made me think a lot about the politics of the film too, and using a trans anthem in a vid about it. Victor/Victoria does carefully stay within the bounds of heternormativity as you'd expect of a Hollywood film, but despite that, it has some quite nuanced moments about queerness and homophobia, and when I re-watched it, I was surprised at how little it had dated in that regard. It still feels fresh and relevant.

Objectified, by cupidsbow

Title: Objectified by [personal profile] cupidsbow
Visual Source: Victor/Victoria
Music: "Objectified" by Shawna Virago
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied sexual violence, fisticuffs, flashing lights
For: feedingonwind, I had so much fun revisiting this film. I hope you enjoy the vid just as much. (Originally posted here)

Summary: I want to be objectified.

Download from Mediafire: VV-Objectified-cupidsbow.rar (50.82MB, MP4); VV-Objectified-cupidsbow-lg.rar (85.87MB, MP4)
Stream: YouTube

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