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VID: "Her Majesty" by cupidsbow (Om Shanti Om, Om/Shanti, G)

I  love Bollywood films so much -- they are so colourful and gorgeous. This film is particularly spectacular, although it does have an unexpected dark side to it that surprised me. It's a reincarnation story, and let's just say that things don't end so well the first time around.

This vid isn't about that, though. This vid is a celebration of Shanti at her gorgeous best.

Her Majesty, by cupidsbow

Title: Her Majesty by [personal profile] cupidsbow
Visual Source: Om Shanti Om
Music: "Her Majesty" by The Beatles
Rating: G
Warnings: None
For: skygiants, Festivids 2016. (Originally posted here)

Summary: Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl.

Download from Mediafire: HerMajesty-cupidsbow-sm.rar (8.26MB, MP4); HerMajesty-cupidsbow-lg.rar (36.28MB, MP4)
Stream: YouTube


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Tags: fest, festivids, songvid
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