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Cupid's Bow
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1st-Jan-2020 12:00 pm - cupidsbow's Fan Works Masterlist
lotrips - dr-space-opera
Last updated: 17 October 2011

Full headers, including disclaimers and warnings, are given on the actual LJ entries; but, in case you haven't heard it before, all of these stories are total fiction. They are transformative works, which means I'm riffing on the ideas/events of others. And some of them contain content suitable only for adults.

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8th-Mar-2019 04:22 am - Vidding BigBang
misc - cupidsbow vidding
I didn't hear about the vidding BigBang until far too late to take part this time around, but you can bet I'm planning to next time.

Here are this year's entries, and they are all fabulous: https://archiveofourown.org/collections/vidbigbang001

I particularly love the Star Wars one by findmeinthealps -- it's my favourite.

I don't know Hannibal well enough to really get all the nuances of luminosty's diptych, but they're gorgeous.

The Supernatural album by sisabet and sweetestdrain is a gutpunch, but so worth it. 

The Fast and Furious vid by AurumCalendula is a glorious love letter to speed, and delightful to watch.

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misc - cupidsbow vidding
As promised, here is the conclusion of the story about Venom and aesthetics.

Chapter 2 of 2: Additional Attachments by cupidsbow
Fandom: Venom
Pairing: Eddie Brock & Venom
Rating: R
Length: 2,300 words
Note: Chapter 2 of this story is Explicit, but Chapter 1 is rated for Teen Audiences and Up, and can be read stand-alone as a friendship romance.
Full story: A Partial Treatise on Love (6,500 words)

Chapter Summary: Venom gets a clue.
Below the cut or on AO3.

Read more...Collapse )</div>

Back to part 1, on DW or AO3


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23rd-Feb-2019 05:55 pm - Meta - Aesthetics and Venom
misc - cupidsbow vidding
As I said in my author notes, when I was doing research for the story, A Partial Treatise on Love (Symbrock, R), the rabbit hole I fell down was how love relates to aesthetics.

In particular, I found this fascinating article: Animal Aesthetics by Wolfgang Welsch. The whole article is really great, and starts off with a discussion about transhumanism as a way of thinking about lived experiences such as aesthetics, and I highly recommend it.

However, the key contentions of relevance to Venom and the story I wrote are these:

Welsch attempts to answer the question of where our aesthetic sense came from, starting from an exploration of Darwin's theory of evolution, with a particular focus on what enabled the uncoupling of appreciation from utility. That is, when did we start to like things just because -- as in art -- rather than because they were useful to us or of evolutionary advantage?

He discusses the possible mechanism of how aesthetics works, relating it both to mating and food choices, in some depth, which I won't recap here. If you understand sexual selection, that's the key component which underlies the argument here. Welsch then concludes that a sense of aesthetics (that is, beauty) is dependent on a sense of pleasure. To be able to choose what is beautiful, there must be an experience of pleasure in one choice over the other which is based on more than utility. In other words, it is not objective, but it is comparative -- aesthetic judgement is in picking the thing we think will maximise our pleasure, which means we judge other options lesser in comparison.

Welsch then brings in Neo-Darwinism to explain that this sense of pleasure gained through beauty is because beauty signals fitness, and therefore a greater chance of survival. This is not a direct causal chain -- a sense of beauty is not a direct mechanism of natural selection, but is correlated to it, according to Welsch.

And this is where his conclusions get really interesting:

The liberation of aesthetic estimation from this strict sexual bind [that is, the idea that all aesthetic choices are connected to mate selection] is dependent on the development of other capacities connected with aesthetic appreciation. Just consider the even simpler case where an animal familiar with good-tasting food sets up a store of it without actually being hungry. With the development of a sense of time and of memory, the possible distance between the awareness of agreeability and immediate desire grows. On a higher level, aesthetic estimation can detach itself in a similar way from the direct bind to desire. Here, too, a memory of previous experience and of its appreciation can play a role in forming current aesthetic attitudes. For example, both the display of beauty and the exercise of aesthetic sense can become ritualized and henceforth be practised in situations that are no longer directly situations of desire. In this way, a first decoupling can come about and the route be cleared to ever higher types. As the aesthetic sense as such already represents a special refinement of the general faculty of experiencing pleasure, it can continue to ascend to ever higher stages within its own sphere, with ever greater distance from sexual desire and more and more refinement taking place. [Section 3, Para 5]

Thinking about this idea in terms of Venom was fascinating, because it opens up a couple of different options:
  • Venom could already have an aesthetic sense, which arose from something other than sex. The most obvious choices are hunger and finding a compatible host, but there could be others which are non-obvious from the perspective of Human drives -- great room for speculative extrapolation there, but hard to write and make convincing.
  • Venom could have an aesthetic sense arising from their bond/s with their host/s, and in particular, Venom's sense of aesthetics could be influenced by Eddie's biology, personality and cultural programming.
There was one other paragraph of Welsch's article that really jumped out at me:

One last consideration: I have already pointed out that aesthetic judgment is tinged with pleasure. So being capable of pleasure is as elementary a condition for the aesthetic as are emotional and intellectual capacities. Pleasure in the most basic sense originates with sensation and so with the elementary property of animals; animals are by definition sentient beings, and being sentient implies the experiencing of pleasure and displeasure. [Section 4, Para 1]

And this is what I wanted to explore in the story, but I wanted to turn it on its head -- starting with Venom experiencing aesthetics within the text, which then led to pleasure, and for them to be mutually beneficial experiences. That's why we have the TV show Virtue Falls as well as the art gallery, and why I really felt a burn to write the second chapter of the story in which Venom makes art themself. It's why Vida had to hit on Eddie, and Venom experience it as displeasure, and it's why the sex was inextricably linked with Eddie's experience of love.

I still don't think I quite nailed what I wanted to say about Venom's sense of aesthetics, love, and pleasure in the story, but I got a lot closer to it when I finally finished the second chapter than I had in the original version of the story. Chapter 1 -- the original Choc Box submission -- stood alone okay and read as a finished story. But thematically, it wasn't done until Venom dunked his tentacle into paint and tried to render Eddie.

And that? Is how I wrote six and a half thousand word about Venom becoming an artist. Hahaha. And why I have so many plot bunnies that jump off from this point now I've got Venom there. :)

ETA: It's also why I chose the puns I used in the story title and chapter 2 title. They are bad puns, but they made me laugh a lot as I wrote them.

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22nd-Feb-2019 08:33 pm - Top of the Pops
misc - cupidsbow vidding
Gacked from [personal profile] musesfool -- I was suddenly really curious to see which of my stories people have been reading. :)

List the summaries of your own top 10 stories by kudos:

1. Alternative pipe-cleaning methods (Venom, Symbrock, R)
Eddie? they demand. Eddie!
Eddie drags his attention away from the story he’s working on. “What is it, bud?”
Are you going into heat?
“What?” Eddie makes his confused face. “No!”
Or planning to breed?
Eddie’s forehead ruts get even deeper. “Where the hell is this coming from?”
You are making too many of your breeding worms.
Eddie goes tense all over. “Breeding worms?” he says, shrilly enough to make Venom flinch.

2. Skyclad by cupidsbow & Ionaonie (Teen Wolf, Sterek, PG-13)
In which Stiles doesn't enjoy the Hale summer party because she's wearing a dress (and Derek isn't there), and then both of those things stop being true.
A story about finding yourself, falling in love, and really good duck in plum sauce.

3. A Foregone Conclusion (Teen Wolf, Sterek, R)
When Harris finally let them out at 4:30pm, Stiles had made up his mind.
"I've made up my mind!" he announced to Scott, as he was driving them both home in the Jeep. "I have decided to take one for the team."
"The lacrosse team?" Scott said, not even looking up from texting Allison.
"Yes, the lacrosse team," Stiles said. "Because that's so relevant to Allison's mom macking on Derek and the looming Alpha-pair crisis in the Hale pack."
4. Happily Ever After (the Pegasus remix) (Stargate: Atlantis, McShep, PG-13) 
One glass slipper alien device. One romantic quest typical Atlantis lab accident. One revelation of true love something far more ironic.
5. The Wolf Who Turned (Teen Wolf, Sterek, PG-13)
Once upon a time there was a wolf who turned into a man, but not because of anything as simple as a kiss. A remix of The Frog Prince.

6. Role Confusion (Venom, Symbrock, PG-13)
Venom is hungry. Eddie provides.
Venom learns to want; Venom learns to ask.


Venom confesses his sins.

7. Class: Insecta (Stargate: Atlantis, McShep, R)
John figures Beckett's magic pill will make all the side-effects fade away, so that he's just standard-issue John Sheppard again, all the way through.

8. Say When (NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo, M)
"I thought you were busy plundering the fruits of the ocean," Tony murmured into the sweet spot on Gibbs' neck, before using his teeth there, just a little.

9. The Scientific Method (Stargate: Atlantis, McShep, M) 
Hey, did you remember John's got the Ancient gene?

10. Human-Angel Cooperation is a Beautiful Thing (Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, PG-13)
Even in a world where angels and hunters work together, Castiel is still the black sheep of the family.


If you're wondering, I decided to put all of the Role Confusion stories together, because all three stories in that series were in the top ten, and they really do all go together. 

The list is more varied than I expected -- I didn't think so many different fandoms would be on there, and I definitely didn't expect the NCIS fic to be in the top ten.

I suspect that the Stargate: Atlantis fics would actually be in the top spots if you take into account the LJ readers, because they were written back in the day when most of the fandom was on that platform. Come to that, some of my LotRPS fics would probably be in this top ten by that measure too, and maybe a Torchwood fic, and none of them are on this list at all.

No songvids in the top ten, which... I always knew I wasn't vidding for the fame. :) 

As far as commonalities go -- a lot of my most popular stories don't have sex in them, even though they are all relationship stories. Most of these stories are comedies, and most are short stories rather than novels or novellas.

Like [personal profile] musesfool, I find summaries hard, but these ones are all actually pretty good. Better than I remember in a lot of cases.

All in all, this was kind of surprising. 

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misc - cupidsbow vidding
This was a joy to create, and I hope it brings everyone joy to watch as well. :)
Visual Source: Venom (2018)
Music: Suit by Boom! Bap! Pow! & The Girl from Ipanema by Frank Sinatra
Rating: PG-13
Relationship: Eddie/Venom
Physical triggers: Flashing lights, fast cuts, loud noises.
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, such as biting heads off.
Thank you: To [personal profile] colls  for the awesome beta!
For: Venomtime's Day 2019

Summary: You're so cute I want to wear you like a suit.

Downloads: Venom-Suit-cupidsbow-sm.zip (MP4, 94.32MB), Venom-Suit-cupidsbow.zip (WMV, 124.57MB) 
Streaming: Vimeo (Password = symbrock)

Password = symbrock

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misc - cupidsbow vidding
I wrote this for Venomtime's Day as a flashfic after finishing the main work on my vid. I quite like the worldbuilding in this, and might revisit it.

And They Were Soulmates by [personal profile] cupidsbow
Fandom: Venom
Pairing: Eddie Brock & Venom
Rating: PG-13
Length: 860 words
Warnings: Brief mention of genocide.
Note: Venomtime's Day 2019. For [personal profile] mific -- you said, "I’d love to read a fusion (heh) with a legend or fairytale or another canon, and the symbionts." This isn't quite that, but was inspired by it. I wanted to see if I could come up with an origin story, written to evoke generational oral storytelling, merged with a soulmate story from the symbionts' perspective. I hope it goes some way towards scratching your itch.
Summary: Venom can’t remember when they first heard about symbiosis. As far back as their memories go, they have always known of it. Perhaps it was one of the genetic memories passed on to them at their spawning.
Below the cut or on AO3.

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17th-Feb-2019 06:16 pm - Dear Spacer Letter
misc - cupidsbow vidding
Hello fellow space-lover!

I have a couple of specific wants in my requests, but apart from Thor (see below), I'm open to you stretching the request so that it fits your own preferences more strongly. I basically would love pretty much anything about Venom, Thirteen, or Kirk and Tarsus IV. So go ahead and make something *you* love, and that will mean I will love it too.

Specific Preferences: 

This is the hard-core one -- I prefer friendship stories, or relationships that are happy and consensual (not a big fan of enemies to lovers). Gen and Ace stories are great, but if you like to make explicit fanworks, that's great too, I just prefer the friendship to be front and center even in an explicit work.

I also really like things that are a bit experimental, or go in an unexpected direction. Want to make a character trans or agender, or want to go  slightly AU with canon, or mix comic/TOS/animated/book canon with movie canon, or want to add a bit of external source to a vid? Or maybe an unusual POV (gossip fics are a particular fave). Fab! That's all cool with me. So is following canon exactly, so don't feel you have to force something experimental into your work -- it's just an option I'm open to if that's your thing.

I like all kinds of fan works, so I don't have preference for fiction over art, vids or podfics. Any of these or a combination -- it's all delightful to me.


I like most kinds of music, including instrumental. I'm not big on rap or hiphop, but can be convinced if it has a good melody. I prefer fast-paced action vids and character studies and constructed realities -- not all at once, unless you're feeling super ambitious. :)

I'm fine with music in podcasts, as long as it doesn't make it hard to hear the reading.

Do Not Wants: Non-con, permanent-death fic, over-the-top angst, A/B/O.

Venom (Movie 2018)
Relationship: Eddie Brock/Venom Symbiote (Venom (Movie 2018))
Fan art, fan fiction, fan vid, podfic
A space adventure with Venom, preferably hosted by Eddie Brock, would be awesome. I'd love to learn more about Venom's backstory in the process, and their previous experiences in space or on other planets, with or without a host. Bonus points if it helps deepen Venom's bond with Eddie. Alternatively, staying on Earth but with space as a major theme -- like Venom being homesick for it, or telling Eddie about their previous travels -- would also be fantastic. Finally, having other Klyntar arrive on Earth, either as an invasion force that Venom and Eddie come out of the closet to help stop, or as a delegation of some other kind (eg. hunters coming to accuse Venom of crimes; or friendly Klyntar wanting to find consenting hosts) would be fantastic too.

If you have some other idea for Venom in space, go for it. I will eat up literally anything on this theme in this fandom/pairing.
Star Trek: Alternate Original Series
Character: James T. Kirk 
Relationship: James Kirk & Spock (AOS) 
Relationship: James T. Kirk & Leonard "Bones" McCoy 
Relationship: James Kirk/Spock (AOS) 
Relationship: James Kirk & Winona Kirk (AOS) 
Fan art, fan fiction, fan vid, podfic
What I really want is something about Kirk and Tarsus IV. I'd prefer an adventure (in space!) while he's captain, in which that experience comes into play. And even more so if there are some positives to come out of having to re-engage with the trauma -- a new peace about it, a new understanding of his child self and what he went through, that kind of thing. As this is AOS, and Spock has now also experienced the traumatic loss of a planet full of people, it would also be cool if their new realisation of common ground could be explored too. I'm also a fan of Kirk's friendship with Bones, and I'd love to see how Kirk and Winona engage about Tarsus once Kirk has some adult perspective, so if you want to explore either of those options, I'd love it.

It's Kirk's experience that I'd like to be the focus, but it doesn't have to be adult Kirk if you'd rather explore it another way. If you'd prefer to write an academy fic, or even Kirk as a child still on Tarsus or just after being rescued, that would also be great.
Thor (Movies)
Relationship: Thor & Loki 
Relationship: Thor/Loki 
Fan art, fan fiction, fan vid, podfic
I'm really only interested in one very limited kind of fanwork in this fandom, but it's exactly in keeping with this fest. I want something set on the Grand Master's ship as they escape the destruction of Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok. Any kind of adventure set on the ship, or on a planet they visit on their journey to Earth, would be awesome. I have literally only seen Thor: Ragnarok, none of the other Thor movies, and I haven't seen Infinity War and don't plan to. I realise that my request here is quite narrow, but if that slice of time on the ship interests you too, *anything* you make set during that journey would be so awesome.

I love all of the secondary characters in Thor: Ragnarok, so feel free to add as many of them as you like. :)
Doctor Who (2005) 
Character: Thirteenth Doctor 
Relationship: Thirteenth Doctor & Yasmin Khan 
Relationship: Thirteenth Doctor & Jack Harkness 
Relationship: Thirteenth Doctor/River Song 
Relationship: Thirteenth Doctor/Yasmin Khan 
Fan art, fan fiction, fan vid, podfic
I love 13. Anything you make with her in space having an adventure will please me.

I would love a space adventure with any of the people I've tagged as a focus, and I'm also happy for it to include any of the current TARDIS team, the TARDIS itself, K9, and/or Martha Jones. Any way you choose to approach this is good with me. That said, one of the things the recent season didn't touch on all that much was negative reactions people might have when they realised the Doctor was now a woman. I don't want a negative reaction from any of the companions, but from someone they meet on the adventure, and how the Doctor handles it/stomps them would be super awesome. I'm not looking for preachiness here about women being just as good as men, I want the Doctor to just be the Doctor right up in their face as she gets the job done.

I'm also particularly fond of Jack Harkness, and hated the way 10 was homophobic towards Jack. So if you want to write Jack and 13 as besties who get that resolved, I'd cry tears of joy.


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16th-Feb-2019 06:14 am - Chocolate Box!
misc - cupidsbow vidding
I took part in the Chocolate Box exchange for the first time this year. I scored a lovely Anne & Venom fic, but there's over 1000 other stories and art to choose from in a variety of fandoms. You can find the masterlist here.

For me!!!! 

In Perfect View (Venom, Annie & Venom, G)

And here are my recommendations. 

We'll Be Dating To the End of Time (Dr Who, 13/Yasmin, PG-13)
Educational Visit (Dr Who, 13/River, PG-13)
lie close (LotR, Legolas/Gimli, G)
Not A Word (Merlin, Merli/Arthur, PG-13)
No Good Deed (Solo, Lando/L3-37, PG-13)
This earth of majesty (Richard II, Henry IV/Richard II, PG-13)
Other Habits (Twelfth Night, Olivia/Viola, PG-13)
Ricochet (Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, PG-13)
A Kitten May Wake A Witch (Original, Witch & Stray Kitten, G)
Another Day, Another Dollar (Original, No Pairing, PG-13)

Art & Fiction


Seventh Year (Harry Potter, Luna/Ginny, G)
Winter Witch and Spring Witch (Original, OFC/OFC R)
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16th-Feb-2019 12:35 am - Close up of audio editing
misc - cupidsbow vidding
[personal profile] sjnt

Here's an image of how I usually shorten music. It's a verse taken from the middle. You can see there's no visuals on the timeline, just a couple of attempts at shortening the song. I tend to keep the edits I don't use, in case I decide to vid longer after all. Also, some edits just work better than others, so I can compare them this way, or even export and listen to them a few times and then pick the best. I use the edited and exported version for the vid. The grayed out tracks are turned off, so I can't hear them. The song is Bonfire Heart, and the vid I made is here if you want to hear what it turned out like.

When I match up the sound peaks, I stretch the tracks so they look really big on the screen, so it's easy to see the detail -- even bigger than in this screencap.

Click for bigness -- you might need to scroll to see the notes on the side.

(Bonfire Heart, basic edit, different length fade in/out on each track)

Below is the section of the Venom vid soundtrack where Eddie says, "what are you?" The main track, Suit, has been cut. The bit of Suit where the speech happens has the volume lowered, and each end has a crossfade to ease the transition into the new volume level. The dialogue track from the movie just has a few fades/crossfades, nothing special, except it took time to line it up with the visuals, as I exported the sound and visuals separately. I picked this bit of Suit because it's an instrumental section of the song, so the dialogue isn't fighting with lyrics -- that's mostly what I try to do with added dialogue.

(Venom vid, Suit, with voiceover)

The bit where Venom talks about "eyes, lungs, pancreas" etc, is very similar, but instead of the cut of Suit still being on the track, I shuffled the whole song up the timeline. In other words, there's a gap in the timeline on the main audio track, and there's just the dialogue track in that bit of the vid. The reason that worked so well is because there was a natural break in the song at that point, with a beat of silence, so it was really easy to stop it there and re-start with no issues.

Finally, here's the end of the elevator sequence. This was the hardest audio section of the vid.

(Venom vid, Suit, elevator sequence)

There's a lot going on here. First, the main track, Suit, didn't have a natural pause here, just a break in the lyrics. It's just a cut with a short fade-out. It was okay to be a bit abrupt in the cut that begins this sequence, because that's part of the joke, but ending it was a different matter. Just starting the song up again sounded weird. It needed something to work as a transition. I don't think I was entirely successful in how I did this, by the way, but I basically layered on stuff to make the re-start of the song more dramatic. 

I haven't shown the start of this sequence, just the end in the screencap above.

So, under the main track is the excerpt from The Girl From Ipanema. Nothing special with that, just some fading in and out, and picking a bit that sounded like typical elevator music as the first bit that played.

Then there's an elevator sound effect. This is just a free one from my sound files. It's the sound of a door clunking, in that elevator way, and the hum of a motor. There's a fairly strong fade in and volume lowering on this sound effect, so it comes across as fairly mild, even subliminal in the vid. It's meant as an audio cue to help the viewer get that something is going on -- I added this very near the end, because my beta advised me this bit was still somewhat confusing. Yay for betas!

Right after the elevator sound effect, on the same track, is Venom's roar. This was added soundscape to make the re-start of Suit more dramatic and mask that there wasn't a natural break in the song at this point.

The track underneath the elevator sound effect has the "ding" of the door opening. This is from the movie. The track has the volume amped up so that it sounds louder. This was because the ding was quite soft. Everything on this  audio track is amplified, and I used it for excerpts from the movie.

Finally, I thought the re-start of the song still sounded weird and needed something more. So I copied a bit of drums from earlier in the song, and pasted it here as a kind of short re-introduction -- "Remember that song you were listening to before? Let me sock you in the ear with it so you remember quickly". Venom's roar helps the drums segue with the re-start of the actual next part of the song.

I'm still learning about effective sound editing, so what I did here was me deliberately pushing myself to see what I could do. What I've taken from all this is that editing audio is actually a lot like editing visuals -- layering helps a lot to achieve the effects you want, and the way you fade things in and out and align sounds on the different tracks can help cue the viewer so they understand what's happening better. This entry was originally posted at https://cupidsbow.dreamwidth.org/445712.html.
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