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Dear Festividder

Thank you so much for making me something, lovely Festivdder.

I have pretty eclectic taste in vids, so make something you love and I'm sure to love it too. I've given some guidance below in case that's your jam, but feel free to do what you love instead if you get inspired.

I'm open to most types of music, but I am partial to a good melody and fast beat. I love experimental and constructed reality vids, so if you've ever wanted to try something unusual, go for it. That said, I really do want you to do something you enjoy, as that will shine through in the finished vid.

My one veto is that I'd rather no audio grabs from the source being directly over song lyrics, please, as I find it hard to track. I'm not a huge fan of audio samples in general, but they can be done brilliantly so use them if it suits the project. In fact, if you want to get experimental with the audio as well as the visuals, that would be cool!

Anyway, here are the sources I chose, in no particular order.

Cleverman (TV)
This is a gritty superhero story, and I'd love anything you do with it, but especially something that focuses on the supernatural elements.

The Changeover (2017) [SAFETY]
I adore the book this movie was based on, and I love the moodiness of the adaptation. Laura and Sorry, and Laura and Jacko are my faves, but Carmody is also wonderfully creepy.

Detectorists (TV)
I adore the friendship romance at the heart of this series. It's so gentle and funny. 

The Dry (2020) [SAFETY]
This film captures the feeling of Australia during a drought so well, and I'd love something that picks up on that.

Mannequin (1987) [SAFETY]
I picked this entirely out of nostalgia for silly 80s kitsch.

Seachange (TV)
This series made me laugh when I first watched it. The characters are all so well drawn. Laura and Diver Dan are faves, as are Heather and Kevin.

Venom: Lethal Protector (comic)
I really love the absurdity of Venom, especially when it's mixed with pathos. You probably won't pick this one, but if you do, don't be afraid to animate some bits or take panels from other Venom comics, or generally break the rules. Go nuts. I want a balls-to-the wall vid that does the zaniness of a goo monster justice.

My Octopus Teacher (2020) [SAFETY]
This is gorgeous, delightful and sad by turns. Anything you do with this would be a treat. This entry was originally posted at https://cupidsbow.dreamwidth.org/462709.html.
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VID: Sorry, Not Sorry (Knives Out, M)

This was my main assignment this year, and I adored making it. I've wanted to make a Knives Out vid since I saw the movie, because the visuals are so gorgeous. As soon as I heard this song, I knew it was Marta's. She's a fabulous character, and one of the joys of the film is watching her navigate the power dynamics surrounding her as someone with less power than nearly everyone else. Capturing that was a delight.

Sometimes editing vids is really hard work, but sometimes the vid almost makes itself. This was the latter. I'd been mulling it over for so long that I had lots of ideas, and I could just enjoy the process, and cackle at some of the clip choices. "You were a prince... or so I thought." Hehehe.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Sorry, Not Sorry by [personal profile] cupidsbow
Visual Source: Knives Out
Music: Sorry I'm Not Sorry by Tessa Violet
Rating: M
Relationships: Marta Cabrera/Ransom Drysdale, Marta Cabrera & Harlan Thrombey, Ransom Drysdale & Harlan Thrombey
Warnings: Eating and vomiting, suicide, attempted murder, mild swearing.
For: Tam_Cranver, Festivids 2020

Summary: He's a bulldozer, so get out of the way.

Downloads: KNIVESOUT-SorryNotSorry-cupidsbow-sm.zip (MP4, 66MB); KNIVESOUT-SorryNotSorry-cupidsbow.zip (WMV, 83.3MB)
Streaming: Vimeo (Password = sorry)

[Knives Out] Sorry, Not Sorry by cupidsbow from cupidsbow on Vimeo.

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VID: Space Bees (The Strange Case of Starship Iris, PG)

This was the treat I made for this year's festivids. I've wanted to vid a podcast for a while now by incorporating the audio as the main text to be remixed, and The Strange Case of Starship Iris was a good candidate for it.

It was really interesting, starting from the audio rather than the visual. Even though the skills were the same, it felt like quite a different process. I spent at least as much time editing the audio as the visuals. which isn't usually the case.

As always with a fandom without a visual source, the problem is what to use to illustrate the vid. I was really torn, because if this had been my main assignment, I would have had a go at animating it. That's why I came up with the space bee and ant in a spacesuit that you can see in the title card for the vid (just pop in the password without hitting play and you'll see it). But with the vid coming in at 6 minutes, there was just no way I could make enough animation in the time I had for a treat.

Plan B was using the footage from The Planets. I was considering making a vid of The Planets as a treat anyway, so had it all ready to go, and I could see how I'd make it work. That said, and I've been hesitating to admit this, but I think this vid doesn't quite work. I wanted the visuals to be a kind of dreamy accompaniment that enhanced but didn't overwhelm the audio, and I just don't quite think I nailed it. I do think it's a failure in an interesting and entertaining way, though. It's not a disaster or anything, or I wouldn't have posted it; it just has all the problems of a first-go effort. Now I've tried vidding a podcast, I've had quite a few ideas for how I might tackle this kind of project next time.

Space Bees by [personal profile] cupidsbow
Visual Source: The Planets (see notes below for additional sources)
Audio: The Strange Case of Starship Iris
Rating: PG
Relationships: Brian Jeeter/Krejjh
Warnings: Flashing lights
For: absternr, Festivids 2020

Summary: White-knuckled suspense is the spice of life.

Downloads: TSCOSI-SpaceBees-cupidsbow-sm.zip (MP4, 62.7MB); TSCOSI-SpaceBees-cupidsbow.zip (WMV, 72.2MB)
Streaming: Vimeo (Password = spacebees)


[The Strange Case of Starship Iris] Space Bees by cupidsbow from cupidsbow on Vimeo.


  • The Strange Case of Starship Iris: 1x03 In the Deep
  • The Planets
  • The Blue Planet
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Musicvid.org audio visualiser effect
  • BBC sound effect - bbc_electronic_07014126
  • Space Ambient Mix 33 Frozen Dreams by The Intangible
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Art: A love-heat relationship (Good Omens, G, Aziraphale/&Crowley)

Art for freyjawriter24, in the Good Snowmens exchange, 2020.

Prompts filled include: hiding away from snow, comfort food and sweet treats, being with loved ones, and (hopefully) also angst with a happy ending - the expressions on Aziraphale and Crowley's faces are designed to give one impression when viewed small, and a slightly different one when viewed close up.

by cupidsbow

Description: Crowley is in snake form, and Aziraphale is lazing in his coils. They are in a room heated by a heat lamp, and filled with plants, and books. Outside it is snowing. Aziraphale is wearing an old-fashioned striped elbow-to-knee bathing suit, and has a plate of mince pies and a glass of wine. Aziraphale is attempting to hold Crowley away from his glass of wine with one leg. When the image is small, it looks a little like Aziraphale and Crowley are annoyed with each other, but when viewed in more detail, Aziraphale looks more fondly tetchy as in canon, and Crowley is smirking at him. The caption reads: A love-heat relationship.

Finally... I am not really an artist. I am a collagist. This was inspired by the wonderful Hilda cartoons, one of which I've transformed and put my own spin on here. I've also used many, many other images as tracing templates. Hopefully I've done this well enough to create a new thing in its own right, but I owe a debt to all of the pieces that helped me along the way.

Link on AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28646571

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Lemon and white wine risotto

Lemon and white wine risotto

I have been experimenting with risotto lately, and this one turned out so well, I want to record the recipe. It's gluten-free, non-dairy and potentially vegetarian if you like, and I honestly couldn't believe how good it was given there's no cheese in it.

I'm not big on constant stirring which you're meant to do with risotto, so this method has minimal stirring, and still ends up with a very creamy texture.

This makes enough for about 3 people, depending on serving size. If you need to make a larger quantity, just remember the magic ratio is 1 cup uncooked rice to 3 cups liquid. You can use any combination of stock and wine you prefer as long as it comes to 3 cups of liquid for every cup of rice. Alternatively, you can use all stock if you don't have wine. I wouldn't use all wine, though, as I think it would be overpowering -- 2 cups of wine max. If you want to swap in some water, I'd limit it to no more than 1 cup out of the 3 needed, as I think you'd start to lose significant flavour at that point.

Tblspn = tablespoon
tspn = teaspoon

  • 2 Tblspns olive oil
  • 1 onion
  • 2 tspns anchovies and oil
  • 1/2 tspn garlic powder
  • 1 tspn Dijon mustard
  • 1 tspn capers
  • grated zest 1 small lemon, and juice (lime should also work if you prefer)
  • 1 cup Arborio rice (or sushi rice or a similar sticky short-grain rice)
  • 1 cup sweet white wine (dry would probably work too, but the sweetness offset the lemon in a really good way -- I used 2018 Sandalford Element Late Harvest) 
  • 1 ear corn kernels, sliced off the cob (optional)
  • 2 cups warm chicken stock (or vegetable or fish stock -- something mildly flavoured)
  • 1 cup frozen peas (optional)
  • generous crack of black pepper
  • 2 Tblspns margarine or butter, or fat of your choice (this is optional but recommended -- I think coconut cream or oil would work well, especially if you used lime instead of lemon)
  • chopped fresh parsley


In a heavy-bottomed pan over a low heat, fry thinly sliced onion in olive oil. Once onions have started to soften, add anchovies and some extra anchovy oil and stir well with a wooden spoon.

Once onions are translucent, add in garlic powder, Dijon mustard, capers, and half the finely grated lemon zest. Stir well. Add rice, and mix until it's coated with oil, and cook for a minute or two.

Add a cup of white wine, stir well, and then leave to absorb liquid with occasional stirring.

Once wine is absorbed, add the corn kernels if you're using them and then the warm stock and stir well. Put lid on dish and let cook, stirring occasionally. When liquid is nearly absorbed, add the frozen peas if you're using them and stir well. Alternatively, cook the peas separately and add them right before serving if you want to make sure they don't overcook.

Once liquid has been absorbed and what's left is a thick, creamy sauce with al dente rice, add a generous crack of black pepper, the remaining lemon zest and juice, and the margarine/butter if you're using it. Stir until the fat is melted and all is well combined. The margarine/butter is what takes this from good to fabulous -- it really enhances the mouthfeel and taste.

Add salt if needed (I found it didn't need any). Serve with freshly chopped parsley.

Goes well with pan-fried fish.
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GF pancake recipe

I've been reacting to commercial GF replacement flour recently, I suspect because of the soy component. So I've come up with a pancake recipe that uses rice flour as a base.


3/4 cup rice flour
1/4 cup ground nuts of your choice (I use almond meal, but it should work with hazelnuts or peanuts or whatever)
1/2 cup shredded/desiccated coconut
2 eggs
1 tsp GF baking powder
1 dessert spoon white wine or cider vinegar
approx. 1 cup milk (or liquid substitute)
# 1/3 to 1/2 cup mashed/grated fruit or veg
++ 1 tspn vanilla essence, or a tsp of another flavouring to match your mashed fruit/veg
++ sugar or salt to taste (I don't add any, as the fruit gives enough sweetness)
++ 1/2 tspn spices/herbs to taste
butter or oil to cook

# Pick whatever fruit/veg you like. You should be able to make these either savoury or sweet, depending on whether you add fruit or veg to the mix. So far, I have made these with mashed over-ripe banana, and mashed over-ripe persimmon. It should also work with mashed stewed apple, or finely grated raw apple, mashed cooked pumpkin, mashed avocado, finely grated raw zucchini or something similar.

++ Optional ingredients. If you add veg, leave out the vanilla essence; you could add something salty instead, like a tsp soy sauce or something that compliments the veg flavour. Same with spices/herbs - add to taste depending on the fruit/veg you've chosen. I don't add any additional salt/sugar, as the topping I eat with the pancake adds enough for me, but you can add to taste.


Mash or grate your fruit/veg and beat the eggs. Add in dry ingredients. Mix in half the milk, slowly adding more as needed until you have a pancake batter. It will take about a cup of milk, but might be a bit more or a bit less, depending on the moisture in your fruit/veg.

On a low heat, melt some butter or use some cooking spray on your frying pan. Ladle in around half to three quarters of a cup of batter. The low heat is important, as the pancakes will be more fragile than those made with wheat flour. As long as you cook each one until the top of the pancake is mostly set (bubbles will appear and pop, and there won't be any jiggle if you shake the pan) you should be able to flip it all in one piece. 

The cooked pancakes will be soft and fluffy, and have a cake-like texture inside.

Serve with whatever you usually eat on pancakes. I like marmalade, but you could melt a slice of cheese on top, or use lemon/sugar, or whatever.

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Dear Space-Swap Letter

Dear fellow space-lover,

Thank you so much for making something for me! Hopefully what follows will make that as easy as possible for you. :)

First and foremost, please make something you love. That will always lead to something good, and I will appreciate the love you've put into it. The notes below are meant as a guide to what I like, but not as a prescription you must follow to the letter. I really like stuff that's experimental and takes chances, so by all means use my prompts as a starting point, and then follow your muse!

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Fic: Saving What We Love (Star Wars, Leia & Rose, PG-13)

This was my entry for Chocolate Box this year. I haven't ever written Star Wars before, which is ironic considering it was my first fandom as a kid. I was expecting to write Venom or Good Omens for Chocolate Box, and really only offered Star Wars as a stretch goal, not expecting it to match, and certainly not on Rose! But it turned out that was the only match I had with Melody_Jade's requests. I'm glad it worked out that way, though. I'll no doubt write more Venom and maybe even finish my Good Omens WiP one day, but I only have vidding ideas for Star Wars so who knows if I'll ever write it again. But once I read Melody_Jade's prompts, I really wanted to write Rose. Leia is my fave, so it was a delight to have a go at writing her as the General, and it was really interesting finding out about Rose as I wrote her.

They are both awesome and fun. Plus, together, they fight crime wars!
Fandom: Star Wars
Rating: PG-13
Relationship: Leia Organa & Rose Tico
Warnings: None
For: Melody_Jade, Chocolate Box - Round 5
Summary: “Tico!” Lazslo, the head tech, strode out from the shuttle’s main bay where he'd been working on the internal wiring, giving her dirty appearance an approving once-over. He was a great believer in the virtues of hard work. “The General wants you.” He held out a cleaning-pad that was already showing signs of use. “Better hop to it.”

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Fic: Refuge (Venom, Eddie/Venom, PG-13)

I think it's pretty hilarious that I had three WiPs on the go that I was planning to finish for Venomtime's Day, I didn't finish any of them, and I still posted three entries to the fest. LOL. 

I wrote this story in about 6 hours, and finished it literally as I was opening up the fest. It didn't even get a proof-read until the next day, after I'd slept.

Honestly, I'm delighted with this story. It's ridiculous fluff, but I had so much fun with it.

Title: Refuge by [personal profile] cupidsbow  
Fandom: Venom
Rating: PG-13
Relationship: Eddie/Venom
Warnings: None
For: Venomtime's Day 2020
Summary: Venom faces a deportation problem.
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