cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

LotR Conference

The wonderful Tama, over at the blog Ponderance (which you can get to by clicking on the snazzy link over there on the right -->), has posted the full call for papers for the 50th anniversary LotR conference in Birmingham. It's the October 26th entry. The actual call doesn't seem to be up on the Tolkien Society's conference website:

While you're visiting the Tolkien Society, you *must* read the FAQ entry on "Is Legolas blonde or dark?" It cracked me up! Especially the final line (which made me think very bad thoughts about slashing Dark!Legolas with Blond!Legolas):
To sum up, Legolas is probably the only elf in the whole of Tolkien's works who can legitimately be issued in two different colourways.
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