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Perversions Poll

This is how our slash perversions went...

Our favourite fandoms were:
  • lotrips (including a vote for Orlijah) = 21
  • Harry Potter = 7
  • Smallville (including a vote for Superman, which was me ;) = 3
  • LotR and popslash (including a vote for *Nslash) = 2 each
  • dueSouth, Buffy, sports slash, Stargate, Sports Night, The Faculty, NCIS (and it *wasn't* even me! Take a bow tpeej. I like the cut of your jib) = 1 each

Aren't we an interestingly eclectic reading group!

Favourite pairings/threesomes
This was waaaaay too hard to count, as people gave many answers, but the highlights are:
  • Orlijah = 11
  • other lotrips combinations (Orlando, Elijah, Dom, Billy, Viggo and the two Seans) = 17
  • HP combinations (Harry, Snape, Remus, Sirius, Hermione, Lucius and Draco) = 5
  • also mentioned were RayK/Fraser, Jim/Blair, Justin/JC, Merry/Pippin, Spike/Xander, CLex, Mark Mulder/Barry Zito, Sam/Frodo, Jack/Daniel, Summer/Seth/Anna (The O.C.), Apollo/Starbuck (Battlestar Galactica), and Gibbs/Kate (NCIS) and can I just say, yay for a het vote!

I can't tell you how impressed I am by the diversity of answers in this category. Woah.

The most widely read fandoms were:
  1. Harry Potter and Lotrips = 34 each
  2. Crossovers = 20
  3. Buffy and/or Angel = 19
  4. *cue drumroll* and in fourth place we have Afflection on 14 votes! Woooohoooo!

The least read fandom ended up being Battlestar Galactica, which I guess I understand. It is a pretty old and cheesy show. I do have a big soft spot for it though and some of the fic is damn hawt (angsty too, which I'm not normally big on, but it really works in this fandom).

There were also lots and lots and lots of other fandoms mentioned in the "write-in" box. Way too many to list.

We were most squicked out by "scat play" on 28 votes, and "bestiality" on 22 votes.

We yearn for all sorts of stuff, it turns out. But mainly we want it to be well written and porny.

We really, really like happy endings (25 votes), and we're also pretty damn fond of continuing sagas (12 votes).

And there you have it. Basically we'll try pretty much anything, we like a lot of different flavours of porn, and as long as it's well written and has a happy ending we're good.

God. We're soooo easy!

When Fandoms Collide
Looking at these results, I'm starting to think maybe I should have a go at the namesake challenge norah has been pimping. Just so I can try and hit as many of your fandoms as possible :)

Anyone for Michael Shanks/Michael Weatherly/Michael Rosenbaum? Or James Spader/James Masters? David Duchovney/David Wenham/David Boreanz? Sean Astin/Sean Bean?

Or on a more fictional front: Logan (Dark Angel)/Logan (X-men)? and can i just say, GUH! Or Ray Kowalski/Ray Doyle? oh baby, that presses my buttons too

And while I'm talking about colliding fandoms, we have immanent Afflection/Lotrips action with this new film staring Liv and Ben. The mind boggles. Can you imagine the goings-on at the parties? I sure as hell can. Ben, meet Viggo. Liv, meet J.Lo. It's all kinds of wierd, but in a good way!

Aaaaaaaand I'm stopping now.

*mops up drool and goes to write original fic because the wretched protagonists *still* haven't died yet*
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