cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Slash fic: Elemental Rules

Title: Elemental Rules
Author: cupidsbow
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: R
For: vegetariansushi and cimera

Elemental Rules


Gibbs is a man of
discipline; he’s ruled by rules,
and they can be bent

in certain ways, or
occasionally broken
for the greater good,

but never, ever
forgotten. That truth's the heart
of military

basic training; drilled
into Gibbs' naïve core when
they turned him hard corps.

The astonishing
thing is that he doesn't look
hard, not the way most

military men
do: slicked and creased so straight they
seem almost brittle.

Gibbs' mettle is more
pliable, but tempered to
a more lethal edge.

Only a fool would
try to fuck with Gibbs. He can
chop a man off at

the knees before they
even know he's made a move.
That's Gibbs, through and through.

And he long ago
accepted the truth of what
he is: a marine.


Tony willfully
rejects the discipline that
underpins Gibbs' life.

Oh, there's a place for
rules, for toeing the line, and
for obedience,

but the root cause of
too many military
crimes is discipline.

He's seen it twisted,
subverted, turned into a
destructive excuse.

So he chooses love
not war, and lots of it. Yes,
spreading the love is

his true calling, and
his tastes have always been
diverse, but never

before to the point
Tony finds himself at now...
wanting discipline.

He wants to spread out
over the nearest desk and
let Gibbs take him hard.

Which is all kinds of
weird, because that kink hasn't
appealed before, but

despite the prickle
of "don't ask, don't tell," even
though it's suicide,

he wants it. Of course,
only a fool would try to
fuck with Gibbs, but he's

never channelled his
inner fool so hard before.
God, he wants to head-

fuck Gibbs in the worst
way. Wants to break all the Rules,

Number Twelve: it has
to go. The trick, Tony thinks,
is to make Gibbs the

one who wants to start
fucking with the fool. It has
to be Gibbs with the

plan. Gibbs who makes the
first move. Gibbs who's in command.
Which makes it all sound

But God knows how Tony will
pull off such a coup.

* * *

So there it is. Is it working? Do you want more? /abject neediness
Tags: haiku, ncis
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