cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Is Cinderella Romantic?

The Cinderella paradigm is one of the most common in romance, at least in the west, and we even find it in slash, most commonly in hurt/comfort stories.

But is it romantic?

When I daydream stories to myself, in that phase where I'm flirting with them before deciding to commit to writing them, I sometimes tell stories in which I save other people, but rarely the other way around. I'm also not big on the total power inequality. If one character is poor, then they should be a secret ninja or something, and the Prince/ss should have a secret weakness. That way they each bring something more than good looks and money to the deal. All in all, I don't much like the gross inequality aspect of the Cinderella story.

On the other hand, I do *love* the secret identity idea, and also the revelation of the secret in a public and slightly embarrasing way. I'm totally down with that part of the Cinderella story.

And I do prefer the Cinderella story to the dark-misogynist-hero paradigm. By a *lot*!

Do you think Cinderella is romantic? What's your favourite romance cliche?
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