cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Lotrips Vids

I am absolutely *gobsmacked* at how few lotrips songvids there are!

I'm slowly searching my way through sites, but there doesn't seem to be a central archive. I'll add to this post as I find more. Anyway, enjoy! And if you find more, please let me know.

  • Las Encantadas: has a section of Orlando Bloom vids.
    -I didn't look at them all, but "If Loving You is Wrong" was the best of the ones I did look at, although a bit overlong.

  • Cheese Joose: more Orlando/Legolas vids in the "Music Videos/LOTR/Droolworthy" section.
    -"Perfect Man" is pretty good, although there are some quality issues with the source video.

  • ViDawn's Video Productions: a Viggo vid in the LOTR section.

  • Raining in Eden: a cast and crew vid in the LOTR section.
    -set to "Who's Your Daddy" which I don't care for much, but the visuals are charming.

  • Simply Sonia: go to the Orlando Bloom/Music Vids section.
    -utterly charming Bana/Bloom to "Sharp Dressed Man."

  • HolocroN: horribly over-designed site, but has a viggorli vid.

  • Stoned Cherry: has a viggorli vid.

  • days_of_dreams: Elijah and Dom/Elijah vids.
    -Elijah and Dom are adorably cuddly in "Words of Love."

  • sofiaaifos in Memories: a Billy/Dom/Elijah vid.
    -completely charming fucksome-trio vid, "Baby, One More Time."

  • Wicked Games: several rpf vids, mostly viggorli.

  • Stuck in the Bowels of Reality: viggorli and elijah/dom vids.

  • cynical_terror in Memories: Viggo-centric vids.
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