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Free to a Good Home: "Guru" (SGA)

I came up with this idea in October last year and told it to vegetariansushi at IM Storytime. Now I'm giving it away if anyone wants it.

The main reason I didn't get around to writing "Guru" up properly at the time, was that I had (and still have) about six other SGA stories which are all WIPs. I can tell I'm never going to finish it, because although I like it a lot, I don't *love* it.

So it's fair game if anyone's interested. Do what you like with it. The outline and first chapter are complete, but don't feel obliged to keep the first bit--it's just a rough draft and the beats aren't quite right, so I'm not going to be offended if you ditch it.

Title: Guru
Story by: cupidsbow
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis AU
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: NC-17


John curled his right leg behind his neck, carefully hitching his kaftan so that the fabric wouldn't pull. The three advanced-level acolytes sitting in a circle around him followed suit.

"Enjoy the tension," said John. "It's through tension that pleasure grows."

The group sat motionless for a long time, breathing quietly, letting pleasure grow.

Elizabeth was the first to break: her face blushing red, then fading to white as her fingers rubbed and pressed at the knotted thigh muscles of her curled leg. Then, with a disappointed sound, she lost her balance and rolled over onto her side.

"Be totally centered in your body," said John, ignoring the interruption. "External distractions reduce your awareness of sensation." He was starting to get a definite buzz on; his bones felt warm and liquid and the afternoon sunlight slanting in through the French windows felt like it was stroking his skin.

A moment later, Sumner let out a little huffing whimper--he'd come to the discipline late and, despite a natural aptitude, found the advanced flexibility training difficult. He stuck it out for another minute before rolling out of position and stretching his legs.

John noted, pleased, that Sumner had an erection.

"Feel your inner peace," said John. "It's only when you're at peace with yourself that you can truly connect with another person." He smiled hopefully at Teyla; perhaps today they would achieve a shared altered state of consciousness. The signs were promising: her nipples were hard nubs beneath her kaftan, and she smelled of arousal beneath her clean soap-and-herb scent. His own arousal was sending tiny shivers across his skin.

They sat, gazes locked.

Then Teyla twitched. It was subtle, only noticeable to John due to long familiarity with Teyla's body, but it signalled that she was in serious discomfort.

John sighed. It was clear none of his acolytes would find transcendental joy today. He opened his mouth to end the session just as the doors to the practice room slammed open and three men in street-clothes barged in.

"Charlatan!" the man in the lead said, pointing at John accusingly. He had a lop-sided mouth that was currently set in a disdainful sneer, and he seemed to project presence like a force-field. "What the hell have you done with my sister?"

Ford was hovering in the doorway, looking like he wanted to intervene; John gave him a pointed look, and Ford stayed where he was. Perhaps John's latest lecture on the Sancrosanctness of Consensual Touching had had an impact. Finally. Maybe there was hope for Ford yet.

John unhooked his leg from behind his head. "Sister?"

The man pulled some crumpled pages of notepaper out of a pocket and waved them. "Jeannie's always been a flake, but 'Oh, Rodney, I've found sexual enlightenment.' What kind of claptrap is that? I demand you release her right now, or..." His smile was equal parts smug and determined. "I'll put you on WebCast News! Once the idiots in the popular press get hold of the story, your little sex cult will be hounded non-stop. So hand her over unless you want your life to become a living hell!"

The two men who had entered the room behind Rodney looked unsurprised by either the abuse or the threat: the tall, dreadlocked one was eyeing Ford appraisingly, the other was short, scruffy and nervously fiddling with a pair of glasses.

"Rodney," Scruffy hissed. "You promised to try asking nicely first. That is only reason I agreed to come!"

"Oh, please!" said Rodney. "Like a," he paused to make sarcastic airquotes, "sex guru can be reasoned with!"

Then Rodney's bright-blue gaze locked onto John's and John found himself transfixed, body thrumming with a sudden burst of energy, while around him the world went hot and slow and sharply sweet, like stretched toffee.

Rodney's lips continued to move, a torrent of words gushing from his mouth. John heard them indistinctly, as though from a long way away; a word here and there registering when the man emphasised a point: "cult" and "fraud" and "Jeannie" and "over my dead body." Every word pushed John back in time, back to his military days, back to the familiar, easy, rhythms of repressed homosexual goading and the heady thrill of violence. All he wanted to do was leap up, stuff all those words back into Rodney's mouth, punch, fight, push the man around, knock him down, press him to the ground, keep him there, fuck him hard... It took an extreme effort of will to sublimate the urge for violence.

John's cock throbbed with the effort.

Rodney's hands waved wildly, jabbing in John's direction, punching the air.

John's skin felt raked by fire with every motion.

"I mean, only romance-reading morons believe in this crap you're peddling..." Rodney strode across the room until he was right inside the tantric circle. "...because there's no such thing as transcendental sex!" he said, almost shouting the words in John's face.

Before Rodney could get any closer, Teyla took him down with a neat swipe to the ankles; as he fell, his expression flicked from bombastic outrage to shock and fear.

It was like a punch to the gut, and godammit! How many times did John have to give the Consensual Touching speech!

When Rodney landed, letting out an ooohhff, a deep, unexpected feeling of protectiveness erupted through John; he wanted to reach out, touch Rodney's face, tell him that everything would be okay; that it was all a mistake; that Teyla wouldn't really hurt him; that John wasn't really going to pin him to the floor without his consent. John had just long enough to be surprised by the strength of it, how strange it was that he should feel so much for someone he didn't know, even if he was high on tantric energy and a horrible kind of nostalgia, and then, like a baseball bat to the back of the head, his orgasm hit and he was coming, coming so hard, so fucking good, and it felt like something was tearing loose deep inside, trying to set itself free.

* * *

cupidsbow: Guru!John and skeptic!Rodney.

cupidsbow: Guru John is into yoga sex....
cupidsbow: ...and Rodney is all about the debunking. But, you know, he has to *try* it first, to prove transcendental joy is all a myth.
vegetariansushi: hee! and of course, no it's totally not
vegetariansushi: he'd just been having sex with the wrong people. yes?
cupidsbow: Yiss!
vegetariansushi: yay! i so approve of that
cupidsbow: MASSIVE earth-shaking, world-altering orgasm.
cupidsbow: And John's all, "It's like that *all the time* for me," because he's still pissed off Rodney thought he was a fake!
vegetariansushi: but really not, just with rodney?
cupidsbow: And Rodney's *ruined* for all other people!
vegetariansushi: ...i'm oddly clingy about people being right for each other at the moment.
cupidsbow: Actually, it's always *good* for John, because, hello! Sex guru. But Rodney makes his knees go kind of watery and his heart turn inside out.
cupidsbow: And John's all with the self-awareness, but... it's *Rodney*, and so John's wondering if maybe it was just a bad batch of magic mushrooms or something.
cupidsbow: Because how can *Rodney* be his inner peace and joy?
cupidsbow: It says things about John's psyche.
cupidsbow: So John's open to the idea of bad mushrooms, even thought it's a pretty thin excuse...
cupidsbow: ...and they keep having sex to kind of one-up each other and prove it's all *snaps fingers* nothing!
cupidsbow: Until they both realise that, oops, both totally addicted. Rodney probably accidentally outs himself as madly in love with John on livestreaming webtv.
cupidsbow: And then John has a glowy vision, and discovers that Rodney is, indeed, his inner light. Because his inner light is a sarcastic bastard, it turns out.
vegetariansushi: oh, hee. that's just gleemaking
cupidsbow: And then he'd do this kind of low-key reveal to Rodney that only Rodney would understand. Probably something very geeky.
cupidsbow: Then they'd have more transcendental sex. The end.
Tags: ideas, sga
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