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"Overheard in a Meeting" by cupidsbow

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I wanted gossip!fic. Well, to be totally honest with you, I want gossip!fic *every* week. There is not enough gossip!fic in the world, if you ask me. Not that you did, so I'll just call a halt to this digression right here while I still retain the last shreds of my dignity.

Anyway. This week, I'm so hot for UST I could spontaneously combust! And I don't mean easy, happy, fall-into-bed UST. I mean the kind of UST that ratchets up and up until it's a hard coil in your belly, and people start to break from it, and not in a good way.

Oh yeah, nasty UST, that's what I want...

Title: Overheard in a Meeting
Author: cupidsbow
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: None (McKay/Sheppard implied)
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Follows on from Overheard on Atlantis.


About half of the senior staff, including Rodney, were already there when John arrived for the afternoon meeting. He'd spent the previous half hour brainstorming his gameplan, and was glad of it when Elizabeth said, "So," in her teasing voice as soon as he walked in.

She twinkled at him, her expression all good-humoured incredulity, as she added, "I hear you're gay now," clearly pleased with herself for being up-to-date on the gossip for once.

Carson, who had just walked in the door, looked startled for a moment, before realisation dawned and he broke into a grin. Behind him, Dr. Biro just shook her head, as though to say, juvenile sex humour again, but her left eyelid twitched suspiciously as she slid into the chair next to John's.

Ignoring the byplay, John graced Elizabeth with an easy smile as he sprawled more comfortably in his chair. "What can I say? Rodney swept me off my feet with his scintillating conversation and debonair charm. I didn't stand a chance."

Zelenka snorted coffee out of his nose.

Without any change of expression, Lorne handed Zelenka a tissue. When he caught John's gaze, he nodded once, just a slight tilt of the head. John doubted any of the others even noticed it.

"Swept or bludgeoned?" Elizabeth asked, all mock curiosity.

"Please!" Rodney snapped, without looking up from his laptop. "As though I'd bother with an anorexic string-bean like you. You're not even blonde!"

John leaned toward Elizabeth conspiratorially. "See what I mean? I was doomed to love him from the start."

Elizabeth laughed out loud at that, reaching out to pat John on the arm. "I'm glad you're taking it in such good humour, John."

"As opposed to what?" Rodney demanded, huffily. "Abject horror? What am I? Chopped Wraith?" He looked up from his computer just in time to see Elizabeth's gesture; he blinked once and then turned to glare at John. "Oh, of course women find that charming. Of course they do! How anyone could possibly mistake you for gay, I seriously don't understand. I suppose women will be throwing themselves at you now, in order to," he made annoyed air-quotes, "cure you of your alleged gayness--"

With a herculean effort, John managed to restrain himself from yelling back, "That! That right there. That's why people think we're fucking! Do you have any idea how goddamned jealous you sound?"

Oblivious, as always, Rodney carried on: "You're probably going to get laid by half the base because of this, aren't you? In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you'd set this whole thing up on purpose. That'd be just so typical--"

John kept right on smirking at Rodney as though his mouth didn't taste of blood from literally biting his tongue. After what felt like about a trillion years, Elizabeth finally broke in with, "That's enough, Rodney," and frowned him into silence.

Rodney shut his mouth, but favoured the whole table with a mutinous look, including Teyla and Ronon, who had just arrived.

The easy humour of a moment ago was evaporating rapidly, and heads were swivelling as everyone looked at John and looked at Rodney, back and forth, just like they had in the mess.

It was the proverbial last straw, and even though he knew he'd regret it later, John couldn't stop himself from saying, oh-so-sweetly, "Don't be sore, honey. I may be sleeping with them, but I'll be thinking of you."

Rodney looked totally gobsmacked for an incredibly satisfying stretch of seconds, and then, with the kind of pin-point accuracy he rarely managed in the field, he threw his pen at John's head.

* * *

ETA: I love you guys! Seriously. I write this tiny, weeny little ficlet that doesn't even have any smut in it, and you leave all this feedback for me to fondle. It's put such a big smile on my face. I'm going to try and answer it all over the next few days, but it depends on how busy I am at work.

*hugs entire flist*

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Tags: fiction, overheard, sga
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