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Discussion of Reccing Protocols

I want to discuss the way we rec things as fans: the rules, the unspoken fannish expectations, the problems, the limitations of rhetoric, whether concrit should be applied to fanfic, etc.

My sudden interest in this topic has been roused due to the SGA rec set of enormitude I've just finished posting over on rec_room. The thing is, I found one story in particular very hard to rec. The issue was not that it was a bad story, or even that I had quibbles with the plot, grammar, etc. In fact, I didn't have any reservations about reccing it at all, because it made me think. A lot. Which I adore.

The story was "Coming Home" by xanthe, and you can find the rec I ended up writing here.

Now that you've read the review, you can see that the reason I found reccing the story so difficult was because it created such mixed feelings in me as I read it. And I mean that as a compliment, because it was meant to be provocative, and I certainly enjoyed being provoked. But in the face of my engagement with Xanthe's ideas, giving a flat, "It's good; read it" recommendation would be selling "Coming Home" way, way short. It's about so much more than that, or that's my opinion anyway.

So how do you approach reccing stories that provoke a mixed response? Do you avoid reccing those stories all together? Just link'n'quote? Something else? And what do you think about reccing with caveats, or criticism, or other forms of engaged response? (I'm not talking about personal attacks of authors here, which I abhor; I'm talking about that process of making the story your own.)

Do you have favourite stories that you'd like to rec, but have a similar rhetorical dilemma with? If so, please link 'em. Anon posting is fine.

Talk to me.
Tags: discussion, reading, sga
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