cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

The Hot Projects

I have... soooo many WIPs on my computer, in several different fandoms. Realistically, I won't finish all of them (especially as I go back to writing original fic next year), but here's a list of the ones I think I'm most likely to finish in the new year. I'm putting it here so I feel guilty and actually do them. :)

Stargate: Atlantis

  1. Being John Sheppard
    *blushes* Baby!fic crack (novella, over 10,000 words so far--will definitely finish)

  2. It Takes a Thief
    reel_sga story (novella, over 10,000 words so far--will definitely finish)

  3. Overheard series
    Probably 2 parts to go (will definitely finish)

  4. Temple of the Lost Goa'uld
    Sequel to "Jungle Fever" (novella, vague idea only at this point, but I love it--will probably finish)

  5. The Appearance of Things
    John and Rodney acccidentally get married in Canada (novella, around 5,000 so far--may finish)

  6. Kiss of the Cock Zombies
    Total. Crack. (longish short story, around 5,000 so far--I love the idea but it seems to be dead)

  7. Three Strikes
    Finished outline (novella, outline complete, no words written, but I love this one *so* much--may finish)


  1. Jungle Boy
    Adventure in the jungle (novella, around 5,000 so far--I still love this one--may finish)


  1. Roadtrip
    It was meant to be an mpreg novella, but I may finish it off with a different ending (over 10,000 words--may finish)

I think that's it. All the rest seem pretty definitely dead. :(
Tags: afflection, ideas, lotrips, sga, writing
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