cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Freaky LJ Hit Stats!

Okay, so yesterday I said I was curious about how much through traffic my LJ gets. So I installed the ljtoys tracker on my last post, just to try it out.

It's been installed about 24 hours, and I have accrued 1,401 hits.

Of those hits, the program recognised something like 300 different LJs (I gave up counting at 100, and there was still a couple of screen-scrolls worth of names). That means about three quarters of my Flist actively used their LJs in the last day, and some random other LJ people came and looked too. Plus there were some people the software didn't recognise as LJ users.

That said, most of those hits are from people looking at their FriendsList, which means they might not even have read my post. And some of them are me, as I potter around answering comments and so forth. But still... over a thousand hits in 24 hours on just one post!

I'm kinda sorta maybe a leeeetle bit freaked out.

ETA: I think I'm done with the experiment for now. I'm taking the bug off my last post. It was interesting to see the flow of traffic and I may try it again in future, but it feels a bit too obsessive and stalkerish to do regularly.
Tags: discussion, reference
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