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Stargate Appreciation Day

I've decided it's Stargate Appreciation Day, or as I have affectionately dubbed it, S.A.D.

(And I would just like to point out how ironic it is that S.A.D makes me happy! Or is that gay?)

Why is it S.A.D. in Cathy's world? I've chosen to mark an historic occasion: the first ever official Atlantis slash poll on the Stargate website. Yes, you read that right. There's a slash poll on the official website. Go and doooooo eeeeeeet.

At present McShep are winning by a large margin. My surprise quotient at that outcome is startlingly low :)

Anyway, in order to share my S.A.D. fannishness with you all, I offer some very pretty, very slashy things.

The Pretty
I'm starting with moving pictures, because newkidfan has just posted a gorgeous new constructed-reality angst songvid: the tree. She does things with visuals that make me want to lick the screen. Mmmmm. (McShep, PG-13)

More Pretty
I know the Stargate men get most of the action, but the Stargate women really are far too smart and gorgeous to be left out, so have some really stunning wallpapers by kuwdora. (Sam/Vala, Teyla/Elizabeth, G)

And now that's whet your appetite, here are Elizabeth and Kate in an achey femslash last kiss by amatia, who makes me want to know why the whole world is shaking. (PG-13)

Teh Funneh
I know you will have all seen the cat macros that have been going around (and around and around), but cats just aren't the best animal for Stargate macros. I bet you can all guess which animal wins that prize... A flightless bird, perhaps? by ismenetruth. (McShep, PG-13)

Of course, on this celebratory Slash Poll Day, I feel strongly that mere penguins do not provide enough puerile sexual humour; for that we need the smartest man in two galaxies... Is that a stethoscope in your pocket, Carson, or do you have some deadly new contagious illness? by thefannishwaldo. (Carson/Rodney, PG-13)

Would this list really be complete without the good crack? I think not. Which is why you should immediately download this ode to Rodney and Ronon, You're too good to be true by blithesea. (PG-13)

The Pr0n
Finally, this day would not be truly marked without some gratuitous nudity. Do you remember that sublime Manopoly look-a-like photo? Well I can't find it linked in any public posts, so if you know of a link, please share. Instead, I've had to go with my second-favourite nude Atlantis-themed photo (such a hardship :), this one a manip of John... and John. Not really at all work safe by lenkti. (M)

And I was going to finish off with a new story of my own, but I've only written the first 310 words, so clearly that's not going to happen. We will just have to close our eyes and dream of that hazy and distant day when I have finished marking Shakespeare papers, and written my Handmaid's Tale lecture, and can kick back and finish my eighty gabillion WIPs.

*sighs wistfully*

I hope you've enjoyed the S.A.D.ness of this post as much as I have; please feel free to spread further S.A.D.ness by way of leaving many gratutious links to pretty things in the comments. ETA: Porn and crack also welcome, as are links to slashtacular polls.

The Round-up
Tags: links, recs, sg1, sga, slash
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