cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Something Old, Something Not So Old

The Old
I had a fit of nostalgia the other day, and re-read some Professionals slash. This is a very funky fandom--the tough-guys-in-love thing is a favourite kink of mine. Have a look at:

  • "Army Games," by Sebastian. In which Bodie and Doyle are in a sleeping bag.
  • "Just a Kiss," also by Sebastian. B and D snog at a CI5 party.

    In fact, most of Sebastian's slash is worth a read. You can find it at The Circuit Archive, along with a whole heap of other Pro's slash.

  • "His Reply," by Rosemary, uses poetry as its central conceit and pulls it off.
  • "The Return," by Ellis Ward, has a brainwashed Bodie kidnapping Doyle.

Also on the old-but-good list are Anna's Battlestar Galactica slash stories, which can be found at apollolover. Some of these are epic in length, and full of angsty goodness.

The Not So Old
And talking of kinks, I kinda love Orlijah (LotRiPS), and my favourite story to date is Lemur's "Deconstructing Legolas". Why? Because its premise is clever, and the writing is funny. Oh yeah, and the kissage is hot! And if you like that, browse through the other Orlijah offerings at the Closer archive. You'll also find Zarah's "Cat" there, which made me purr.

On the non-slash front, if you're a fan of spoofs, you should go and read "Beowulf Meets Godsylla," by Tom Weller without delay. Don't be drinking hot fluids while you read!

If you haven't already been seduced by songvids, then shame on you! I have managed to convert several people by directing them to Luminosity's, "The Other Side." I was completely gobsmacked by it the first time, and it gets better with every viewing! Oh, and it's Spuffy.

That's all for today.
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