cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Prompt Me for SGA?

I opened my inbox this morning and went Oh, yay! Comment on one of my old BSG stories, and dashed to open it.

IT WAS SPAM. For God's sake. I no longer just get spam on my 'popular' stories on LJ, now it's archive!spam too. Not that "Fractures" is even all that popular, so why on earth they picked it I'll never know. Grrr. /whinge

In happier news, I'm off to start a new job today, and I wanted to do something to celebrate. At first I thought, "I know, I'll get people to prompt me, and write mini-fics!" And then I stopped and thought about that properly. And the thing is, I still have outstanding prompts for every such meme I've ever done (except for haiku, at which I totally win :). Take the 5 Things meme, for example. I get all these great prompts, stare at them for a while (thinking Ohhhh, I could...but that would be kinda long...), then I write one full-length story in response to one of them, and all the rest are still unfilled. *shame*


On the plus side... one full-length story!

So here's what I thought we'd do. You prompt me with questions about any of the SGA characters (either the versions in my stories or in my personal canon), and I will write a story. Which will probably include an answer to at least one of the questions. Probably. *shame*

Yeah. Let's try that. Ready, set, GO!

Yes, yes, I know I said "Overheard 4" was nearly done, and it is, but for a value of nearly which is over 4,000 words and still with three and a half scenes to write. O_o
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