cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

For me? Yay!

I have recently received prezzies! Which you have heard nothing about, because it has been one of those fortnights and I completely forgot to post about it. Doh.

First up, for gateverse_remix, lilyayl wrote Yet You Are More Than Traps Or Nets (The Longer and Uncut Remix), which is a remix of my McShep vampire AU. What can I say? Vampire!Shep, inventor!Rodney, love that dare not speak its name! *happy sigh*

As if that were not enough, doomcanary very gracefully lost a bet to me the other day, and is paying up by writing a loooooong, hilarious, brilliantly done non-traditional romance. So far there are five chapters: one and two, three, four, five. I can't wait to see where this goes!

Anyway, belated thanks to you both. I love getting fannish presents. Very few things make me happier.

In other news, "Overheard 4" is now close to 5,000 words long, and I still have four chapters to write. On the face of it, this doesn't sound so bad, as each chapter is only a few hundred words long... until I reveal that yesterday I thought I had three chapters left to write, wrote one, and found I had four left to write. And the day before that I thought I had three to write, wrote one, and still had three to write. O_o

I'm starting to think this fic will never ever end. Dammit. This series is meant to be short and punchy. DO YOU HEAR ME FIC? Short! Punchy! And also gen! You are none of these things!

Also, now that it is a fic of enormitude, I feel that I need a beta or two. Any suckers volunteers? I have a feeling it may need Work, so be warned.

*goes off to write a little more before bed*

PS--There's going to be new Farscape webisodes! Wooohooo!
Tags: fandom, presents, sga
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