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I'm sure most of you have seen the adorkable photo of JFlan and The Hew over here on dogeared's LJ. It inspired chopchica and I while we were chatting, and I feel the need to keep the transcript fic!thing we brainstormed.

Title: earthside uneasy
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: PG-13

chopchica: how cute are they!!!!!
cupidsbow: it could almost be John and Rodney on earth
cupidsbow: with the sunglasses and John all smirky, and Rodney all over him!
cupidsbow: "This is my good buddy," Rodney says, clutching John's shoulders a little too tightly
chopchica: i was so thinking that!
cupidsbow: and the person he's trying to impress is all eyebrows in disbelief
chopchica: "John is my bff! for realz!"
cupidsbow: it's probably a blonde astrophysicist
chopchica: with short and fluffy hair
chopchica: because Rodney hasn't made that connection yet
cupidsbow: and John's so completely insincere and about to cockblock
chopchica: except John has to play it careful
chopchica: cause if he overdoes it, he'll lose Rodney
cupidsbow: so much yes about the hair fluff factor
chopchica: and if he underdoes it, he'll lose Rodney
chopchica: it's tough being John
cupidsbow: and they're on earth, so he can't just, you know, be John Sheppard
chopchica: plus, it's not like he's so good at giving anything away anyway
chopchica: he counts on Rodney's obliviousness
cupidsbow: hence that horrible smirk, and behind the glasses he's frantically working the odds
chopchica: yeah, and the odds include poisoning said blonde's drink
chopchica: not with anything dangerous, but you know, it never hurts to be careful
cupidsbow: absolutely
cupidsbow: except the blonde is giving him the eye, and John knows if he goes *there* with one of Rodney's peers... well, it won't be the usual competition
cupidsbow: so that's out
chopchica: poor John
chopchica: he's got a secret weapon though
chopchica: you can see it in the smile
cupidsbow: *nods* it's so hard being him
cupidsbow: but then... inspiration!
cupidsbow: he slides sideways a little, even though Rodney's hands clutch even tighter
cupidsbow: but then John's putting his free arm around Rodney
cupidsbow: and he has to get the intonation *just right* on this, so that the woman will get it, but Rodney will think it's a joke
cupidsbow: part of their cockblocking game
cupidsbow: and he drawls, "Yeah, we're *real* close."
cupidsbow: and waits for Rodney to register it
chopchica: and then when Rodney looks at him in shock and then looks at the blonde and starts spewing out god knows what - totally sinking his chances
cupidsbow: heee
chopchica: John lowers his glasses just enough
cupidsbow: YES!
chopchica: and whatever she sees makes her blanch and take off like somebody's just lit her ass on fire
chopchica: which John approves of, since he's all about lighting people's asses on fire
cupidsbow: because they are the laser-red eyes of HANDS OFF BITCH OR I'LL KILL YOU

In writing news, I am about half a scene off finishing the first draft of Overhead 4, for realz. It's is over 7,000 words. *boggles* paceus, you should get an email in a bit, if you are still up for betaing the monster. I can't decide whether it is the biggest piece of crap ever, or kinda cool.

And finally, how totally awesome is Princess Tutu? Why did no-one ever mention this to me before? *gives you all accusing looks*

I found a Princess Tutu songvid the other day, and it was so surreal and so cracktacular that black_samvara and I immediately decided we must see the source. We figured it couldn't possibly actually be as surreal as the songvid made it look. OH, HOW WRONG WE WERE. It is the most cracked thing I have ever seen, and I love it so much I can hardly bear it. Princess Tutu = love!!!

And now I go to write.
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