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Tarzan and Coffee Prince

What a great day!

The annual charity booksale for my university has been held over the last few days, and today I wandered in and by lucky chance scored a copy of the Authorized and Unabridged Edition (prepared especially for young readers) of Edgar Rice Burrough's TARZAN of the Apes.

I have longed for this book ever since I saw the Tarzan movie starring Chrisopher Lambert in my impressionable youth. *happy sigh* He was so French and brooding.

But to return to my anecdote... The book is not only Authorized and Unabridged. It not only has a picture of scantily clad and hirsuit Tarzan swinging on a vine with a monkey on the cover. No. It is so much better, I can hardly bear it. You see, the front cover assures me the book comes "With an Official Ape-English Dictionary".

An Official Ape-to-English Dictionary!

How is that not awesome? Totally worth the four whole dollars I paid for it.

Some of my favourites so far...

kagoda? = Do you surrender?
kagoda! = I do surrender!

por-atan = husband

numa = loin

gimla = crocodile

gree-ah = like, love

gu = belly

So, as you can see, all of the key words are ready to be deployed in the desperately needed SGA-Tarzan fusion.

Also, is it just me, or would Rodney McKay make the best and gumpiest Jane evah? I can practically see the pneumatic-powered bamboo-and-rocks gun he builds for Sheppard-of-the-apes.

*enjoys a happy, happy vision of skimpy loincloths and near-naked men swinging on vines, and Sheppard wrestling a gimla (see definition above) to save Rodney from a teeth-filled fate*

That, however, was not the high point of my day. (I know, I find it shocking too, but there it is.) Because, you see, despite some minor setbacks in the form of zany confusion about meeting places, a dead phone, and the realisation that the new Bourne movie is not actually playing yet, I managed to meet up with my crew, and we went off into the wilds of suburbia to eat pizza and watch YouTube vids.

We spent several enjoyable hours watching such gems as Scary Mary, Shining, West Side Story with Zombies, Gay Top Gun, Jaws: The Buddy Movie, Lasse Gjertsen's amazing Amateur, Minesweeper: The Movie and the highlights of Top Chef.

And then I pimped my current favourite Web-TV show, which was a huge hit with the crew:

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

Which, frankly, is so awesome there are no words to do it justice. It has everything a girl could want: an Emo!dude, Pretend!Gay!Asshole, a girl mistaken for a boy and pretending to be a gay lover in a classic genderfuck, a poetry-writing butcher, martial arts, cute kids, genuinely funny slapstick, and coffeeeeeeeee.

In short, there has been no bad in my day.

How about you?
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