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Life, Feminism and Everything

Wow. It's been... *looks at date* ...weeks since I last posted. I've been lurking around a bit, watching songvids and reading fic, but I haven't had time for much of anything else.

I can't even begin to catch you all up on the adventure-ride my life has been lately, there's too much for one post. Also, I have to be up at crazy-early o'clock, and then work a fourteen hour day tomorrow, so, you know, I'm thinking going to bed really soon is probably wise. I'm hoping to rejoin the blogosphere in about five weeks, once I've finished marking assignments.

However, as I've just been to femmeconne (which was great fun, but oh, how far am I behind on my marking now!), I thought I'd quickly post a few links to things I talked about in Feminist Show and Tell.

*waves to the visiting peanut gallery*

Right over here you can find my recommendations, including songvids and lots of fanfiction: rec_room or

The songvids about sexualised violence I showed at the con were:

The essays I've written on feminism are all linked with the women/writing tag, and if you scroll to the bottom of the list you'll find the one on Russ's How to Supress Women's Writing as applied to fanfiction:

Finally, news about the female-centred Archive project can be found at otw_news.

I don't really want to finish writing this summary, because I've missed you all so much... but my saner is side is reminding me that I have to be up in six hours.

*reluctantly presses post and goes to bed*
Tags: acafandom, discussion, links, otw
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