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DamonAffleck Story Exchange

*pokes at badfic comments*

Whoa! I seem to have hit a nerve with the badfic. That is not the reaction I was expecting... but how awesome are the comments? Some of them are way funnier than my terrible travesty of a fic. Fandom is such a blessing some days.

*hearts comments madly*

And speaking of fannish good things, I'm once again running the damonaffleck New Year's Day Story Exchange. Sign ups are open now.

If you've ever yearned for that behind-the-scenes Dogma slash fic, or zombies to suddenly appear in the "plot" of Daredevil, or maybe for Sydney Bristow to end up as a secret agent on Mars with her trusty sidekick Summer Phoenix, then you should sign up for the exchange and get your heart's desire.

Prompts can be gen, het, slash, femslash, and either RPF or FPF, as long as they include one of the Afflection pantheon:

Matt Damon
Ben Affleck
Casey Affleck
Joaquin Phoenix
Summer Phoenix
Jennifer Garner

Stories only have to be 500 words, so this really is the easiest story exchange you'll ever sign up for!

Sign up right this way by this Thursday, November 1. You know you want to!
Tags: afflection, announcement, challenge
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