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Favour from f-list -- pimping Words and Pictures Challenge

Dear F-list,

I have a favour to ask. Today I posted about the Moving Words and Pictures Flashfic Challenge.

I wasn't sure at first if vidders would be keen on the idea, but they clearly are, so I'd really like this challenge to be a success.

Here's the favour: could you please pimp the challenge far and wide? I'd be very grateful; I'd sprinkle you with sparkles, tinsel and praise. :)

The number of fandom noticeboards I'm subscribed to is fairly small, so if you're a member of an appropriate community, could you please:

  • check to make sure the challenge hasn't already been pimped there; and if it hasn't
  • post something along these lines:

    The inaugural multi-fandom Moving Words and Pictures Flashfic Challenge is now open!

    There have been several challenges in which fanart or songvids were made in response to fic. This one swaps it around, so that the challenge is to write a fic to go with your favourite songvid!

    The Cheat Sheet
    -This is a multi-fandom challenge.
    -Writers can nominate a vid and vidders can sign up as interested here:
    -Deadline is *Thursday 14 November*, 2007.

    For more information on how the challenge will work, as well as some vid recs to get you started, go to the master post:, or contact cupidsbow.

Pimping it in your own LJ would also be awesome. :)

Thank you!

*hearts flist*
Tags: admin, announcement, help
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