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I'm just a cranky transvestite

Holy moly. I came back from the outback at the start of the week, and I've been trying to catch up ever since. You're all posting too much, dammit. And it's all interesting! *goes cross-eyed from reading*

Most of the things I want to post about at the moment require actual thought and stuff -- which has currently been chewed up by my Summer School teaching schedule -- so instead I'm going to post about how hateful women's clothes are. I'm just abrim with loathing and feel the need to purge, and you are the lucky recipients.

See, the other day I went to the shop to buy new trousers for work, and yes, I admit I'm fussy -- I want clothes that are comfortable and fit and look good, that don't need ironing, in colours I like, and made out of natural fibres so that my stupid allergies don't make me look like a lobster being slowly boiled. Big ask, right? And yet I had been lulled into this false sense of easy-clothes-buying, because the last few seasons those criteria have been in fashion. I could walk into a shop and actually buy clothes, just like *snaps fingers* that!

This season? Not so much. I've looked and looked and looked, and tried on the ugliest clothes I've ever seen. Ewww. So awful. So uncomfortable. So non-fitting despite supposedly being in my size. So in need of constant ironing. And also pink, which is adding insult to my boiled-lobster status, frankly.

After about the seventh round of this, I stood in the middle of the shop, clutching my head and trying not to look at the synthetic, pink, too-small, needs-ironing monstrosities all around me, thinking: I know I've faced this problem before. How did I solve it then?

And then -- BAM -- I remembered. CROSS-DRESSING. It is, was, and probably always will be the answer to this endless conundrum. So I zipped over to the men's department and within fifteen minutes had found five pairs of trousers that were perfect and half the price of the ugly women's ones, and not pink, and I bought them all! ALL OF THEM. YES.

So now, after three years of wearing women's clothes I'm back to cross-dressing, although I never did stop wearing men's socks, or pajamas, or belts, or sweatshirts, so perhaps "back" is over-stating.

I've been cross-dressing most of my adult life, in fact, just because women's clothes are completely unsuitable in multiple ways -- and yet most people can't tell that I'm cross-dressing at all. On one memorable occasion, a male friend complimented my outfit, and so I took great delight in telling him that except for my underwear, everything I was wearing, including the shoes, was menswear. He boggled for a moment, and then got a calculating look and said, "Uh. Where did you get the shirt?" Heee. I have good taste in men's clothes!

Anyway, after my most recent foray into the menswear department, I got to wondering if there were other people out there who casually cross-dress the same way I do. Which means it's poll time. :)

Poll #1119537 Cross-dressing Poll

Have you ever cross-dressed?

Yes, often
Yes, occasionally

Can people easily tell you're cross-dressing?

Yes, I'm out and proud of my cross-dressing
No, the clothes I choose fit gender-neutral expectations
Maybe sometimes, and I might explain in comments

The cross-dressing clothes I have are:

Underwear (socks, knickers, etc)
Everyday outer wear (jeans, t-shirts, etc)
Accessories (belts, shoes, scarves, etc)
Special wear (evening gowns, tuxes, overcoats, etc)
Other, and I'll explain in comments

The main reasons I cross-dress are:

Lack of alternative choices
Styles are more to my taste
Other, and I'll tell you more if I'm feeling chatty

Feel free to leave longer responses in comments if the poll doesn't work for you. Anon commenting is on.
Tags: discussion, poll, rant
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