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Doing the Hustle

It's the last day of Sweet Charity, so it's time to make those bids! The money raised goes to the Writers Guild Foundation, to support those affected by the writers' strike -- a great cause given how much pleasure the entertainment industry gives to fans.

I've had so much fun with this. I really hope I win at least one Ho.

If you're wondering what the low-down is on bid prices and what's still affordable, here's my take on the categories I've been following.

Despite the $15,800 worth of pledges (whoa, and rising fast), there are still a few hidden bargains if you look carefully.

Miscellaneous Bargains
Try the the Miscellaneous category, where there are, for instance, beta reading, pod-fic reading, archiving, and custom export scripts, all currently sitting at under $30 -- and all bargains given who they are being offered by.

If you are looking for a Fiction bargain, there are also still a few not-very-well-known-but-good or new-but-promising or mainly-small-fandom writers going for under $20 (some under $10 even!). Many link through to their LJs so you can find stories easily and see if you like their style. No I'm not naming names, because a) a significant proportion of them are in SPN, so I've not read them, and b) why would I link you to the ones I'm bidding for?

Oh, fine. I suppose you could do a find for my handle, but that won't help you if I've been overbid! *cackles*

If you have more than a handful of loose change to spend, there are even more fantastic writers at mid-range prices. Many of my favourite SGA authors are still available for bids under $50, which, you know, you should all rush out and remedy.

I haven't really been following the art this time around, but I see there are still some layouts and icons for reasonable bid prices -- not so much in SGA though, although some artists say they will use source pics you provide.

Vids, on the other hand... well, get out your wallet. There are some bargains if you don't want one of the big fandoms/ships, and there are two SGA vidders still at moderate bid prices. But. For any of the well-known, or even moderately-known vidders, you're mostly looking to start at $40, and it's all up from there.

(PS -- if you really want to bid and don't know where to start, drop me a comment, and I will point you to some people; yes, yes, even if I do myself out of a bargain. The things I do for charity! :)

ETA: Ha! I forgot to pimp myself. I'm offering two beta-reads in the Miscellaneous category, but the start price is around $45, so I'm not exactly going cheap... *throws modesty to the winds for the sake of charity* ...but hey, that's still a bargain price considering how good I am. ;D
Tags: challenge, fun, help
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