cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,


A ginormous bee is trying to batter itself to death against my very high light fitting. The bee is about two or three centimetres long and is buzzing in a very annoying manner. It's the middle of the night here, which means I'm not sure how to dispatch it. Loud noises are right out.

I'm mildly allergic to bees, and puff up and itch like crazy if I'm stung.

Maybe if I turn off the light for a while...

ETA: Hee. When I was tagging this post, I nearly put the "insecta" tag on it. This amuses me.

ETA 2: And through the tactical application of guile and cunning, and turning off the light, the bee has been safely banished to the outer reaches. I suppose it will lie in wait for me there, ready to pounce when I stumble out looking for coffee in the morning.
Tags: help, life
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