cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Save a rock, write me porn

An hour ago, right in the middle of a batch of marking, I suddenly decided I needed cake. Sadly, I did not have any cake in the house, and it is Sunday which is a bad day for shopping, and there is no gluten-free cake shop within walking distance anyway, even if it had not been Sunday. So I was very sad, because it seemed my cake craving would go unassuaged, and that is never a good thing when in the middle of marking.

But then -- lo -- I had a brainstorm! And behold, I did raid the almost bare cupboard and find just enough ingredients to make mango pancakes. MANGO PANCAKES, people! Why had I never made these before? They were cakey and sweet and coconutty, and full of carbs, and buttery, and most importantly, chock full of perfectly ripe mango, which was so juicy it went all down my chin, cold and sticky and glorious. Mmmm. I can still taste it.

In short: mango pancakes for the win.

Now I can return to marking, humanity almost restored to normal levels.

Admittedly normal levels are a little low at present, as it has been something like two weeks since my last proper day off, and I have at least nine more days to go before I get another one.

My life is starting to feel a little like a prison, which is never a happy thing. I'm tempted to draw one of those prison calendars on my wall, just above my bed, and scratch out the nine days with a rock.

Which brings me to save a rock, write me porn day. As I have totally failed to contain my inner whinge queen in this post (which was meant to be happy and all about the mango), I would just like to add that I yearn for comfort fic, in the form of some angsty-schmoopy porn, or happy friendship romance, because that would lighten the gloom of my burdened heart, and keep me safely away from Scratching Rock Syndrome.

Yes, that's right, think of the rocks! You could save them just by writing me a ficlet that I can read in between assignments. How is that not tempting?
Tags: challenge, fun, life
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