cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

The long and not-so-short of it

I was going to write a long chatty post which:

  • discussed how weirdly different the pattern of LJ comments is from story to story, and how some stories end up being sleeper hits (at least according to the somewhat dubious measure of number of comments received), while others have a brief flash of commentiness when first posted, and then fade into obscurity, and still others remain largely unread. This topic primarily brought to you by "The Scientific Method" and "The Relative Merits of Wanting and Getting," neither of which were instant hits, but which are still getting comments pretty regularly. (I rather egotistically get a little glow whenever this happens, which is why I noticed it in the first place.) As compared to, say, "Will Be Done" which is a story I'm very happy with, and which received two comments, one of which was from the author of the police-procedural book I used as my main source of information on Quantico. *boggles* Oddly, I am not bothered by the lack of comments, I just find it interesting, especially given the subject matter of the story.

  • outlined a character study of my dentist, whom I find fascinating. He is unique in my experience for several reasons, not least because I don't mind him touching me. This is extremely unusual! I find myself unexpectedly liking him without the relationship ever crossing that line of inappropriateness. He is very, very good at his job. I want to put his fictionalised avatar in a story very much.

  • considered the nature of genius, and what that word actually means, if anything, and how between them Rodney McKay and Miles Vorkosigan have helped me come to peace about being a statistical anomaly on the normal distribution curve (quite probably with a long and somewhat bitter aside about the way Australian culture has a deep suspicion of intelligence).

  • expressed my appreciation for llaras's inspired post about the similarity between John Sheppard and sea otters. Why has no-one made this connection before?! I thought I might write some kind of witty drabble-thing, as that seemed an appropriate response to a wet, furry John Sheppard, who was quite possibly transformed by an Ancient device, and who has telepathic powers thanks to RANDI (see: The Scientific Method linked above. :) Mmmmm.

That's what I was going to write, but I'm no longer in a chatty mood. So you will just have to imagine it instead.

*reads back*

Heee. This precis ended up being quite long and chatty after all, didn't it? So it's probably just as well I didn't write out the whole thing.

And now I'm off to nap, so that I can fit in some more marking later this evening.
Tags: discussion, ideas, life, links
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