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Bits and Pieces

There have been several posts I planned to make over the last few days, but marking has been sapping my will to live, or at least to post. However, some things will not wait any longer!

To those who left valentines for me on the lovely svmadelyn's Valentine's Day post... thank you so much. They gave me a real lift, I can't even begin to tell you. They also made me laugh and laugh given the topic of my last post. Heee.

Those of you on my flist who have not yet gone to look at the Valentine's Day post, you should, as there are messages for several of you in there. :)

Also on the list of cool things happening lately is rent_a_fangirl, a new community in which people can make a post if they're keen on filling an SGA fan art/fic/vid prompt for someone. Such a cool idea. I wish I was better at writing to prompt. However, you can bet your favourite songvid, I will be trying my best to cajole people into making pretty things in response to my prompts. Oh, yes indeedy.

What else? Vids! Now I remember. veni_vidi_vids are going to be starting up regular compilations of vid recs -- kind of like "rec the reccers" taken to eleven! The feed is already up, although they aren't making newsletter posts yet. Soon, my pretties. *rubs hands together* The feed is here:

On a more fictional front, toomuchplor is hosting a six-word story challenge for SGA. Mmmm. So many kiss-sized McSheplets. Awesome.

I have a horrible feeling that I've forgotten something I meant to post about... nope it's gone. Oh well. This should be enough to keep you out of mischief for a while anyway. And next week, I may have a post on Australian copyright law as it relates to convergence culture. Doesn't that make your heart sing with anticipation?

I know, it's almost too sexy to bear! Believe me, the paper that's going to come out of all the reading I'm doing will be so sexy, it'll give even John Sheppard a run for his money. *looks at you from under eyelashes, while leaning against a doorframe*

I will leave you with that thought.

*goes back to the unshrinking piles o' marking*
Tags: fandom, fun, links, misc
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