cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

SweetCharity for the Win!

I've had a very odd week. I'd forgotten what happens after life goes from being insane to sane -- why do I always forget? Basically, my body said, "Oh, good. Rest now." And I've been useless for anything and with a brain like a sieve. That wouldn't be so bad, but my inbox exploded -- all these people who have clearly been waiting so *patiently* for me to have a life again, all emailed me at once. Which I responded to by promptly falling asleep. o_O

Hopefully if will be over soon, because I really miss having a life. Or, you know, fandom.

Speaking of which, I had a total win at some point between naps. It's all rather blurred together, so I can't pinpoint when, but I got my first SweetCharity story, and it is MADE OF AWESOME!

The wonderful lunatic_z has written One on One which is an SGA story about Sam and Teyla, and it nails them both perfectly, plus also does a gorgeous, subtle spin on a fanon cliche. I love this story more than I can say. *hearts it*

Go, read. *shoos you off*
Tags: fandom, recs, sga
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