cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Two great things that don't really go together at all, except in my head...

Okay, I've clearly been in SGA fandom too long, because I'm starting to have weird crossover ideas.

See, first I saw this picture of Jon... awwww, his goofy scrunched up face! (The UNIT comic is by sleepy_sheep683, in case you were wondering.)

And then I had a sudden flashback, so went and re-perused sheafrotherdon's post with many many pictures of John Sheppard's goofy face.

And then I went, huh! Time-travelling ancient. Clear resemblance in the goofy-face department. Sticky-uppy hair! Regularly facing off with mortal danger! ... Inteeeeresting.

Heee. My brain amuses me sometimes.

Hollaback Australia
Also, I remembered the other thing I wanted to tell you about. Hollaback Australia is a new blog, in which women can tell stories about their experiences with public harassment.

I really admire this project. It's just getting started, but so far the posts tend to be sharp and often funny, and the women who speak out put a real face to the label "sexual harassment". Got a story you need to get off your chest? This is a good place to speak out and be heard.
Tags: feminism, links, sga
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