cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

All My Loves Are Come to Me

I am in love with several things right now.

First, there is my new moral compass, thanks to copperbadge. Is that not a thing of beauty?

Second, I wandered around the local cafe strip at lunch time today, making pathetic faces and asking, "Do you have any biscuits or cakes which are gluten free?" As a result, I found not only a macaroon, which looks rather fantastic, but bite-sized Florentines which are, wonder of wonders, not too sweet. Or too large. I bought two! And they are perfect with coffee. NOM NOM NOM.

Third, I have a new cardigan to replace my favourite one, which was nearly deadibones. It's perfect for spring, on those days when it's too crisp to go out in just a shirt, but too warm for a jumper or jacket. Also, having a "work" cardigan makes me feel rather like a crusty old academic. Heee. *hearts pretty new cardigan*

Fourth, the OTW's Annual Report is up on the website, and it's one of the most readable annual reports I've ever seen. I love working with a team that believes in clarity in official documents. Also, if you were thinking of joining, it's not too late, even though the first Membership drive is now officially over. To join or donate go here. There'll be a wrap-up posted about the drive soon, over on otw_news. And speaking of otw_news, how awesome was the April Fools Day post? I think I loved the FAQ in Pirate most, but it's hard to choose as they are all fantastic.

Finally, marking is once more behind me, so I am about to nap. Yay for napping. And then? As it is my day orf, I will poke at my SGA remix, and possibly try and find someone online who is willing to brainstorm my BigBang with me. I'm already behind! I blame Swancon. And marking. But I am determined to catch up, and actually make the wordcount this time around.

So what cool stuff have you guys been up to?
Tags: fun, life, links, otw
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