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Slashcon Reading List

Ages ago lauredhel asked what some of the slash classics were. It's an impossible question, of course, as there are so many. But I've been picking away at the task and have come up with this list, which is by no means definitive, but gives a taste of what's out there and how the slash genre has changed over time.

The main reason I put this together is so that attendees at slashcon could have the beginnings of a common language. For that reason, I've tried to pick stories and vids which are widely recced and well regarded, but also readable to someone who doesn't know canon well. I've started right at the beginning with Kirk/Spock, and worked through to current fandoms. There's no need to read everything here; pick and choose as it pleases you. I've given some brief notes, so that you know why I've picked each story or songvid.

If people have other suggestions for well-known or influential stories, please leave links in comments. The more the merrier.

Star Trek: TOS

TREK Kirk/Spock, 'In Check' by K'Sal

TREK Kirk/Spock, 'Only Logical' by cimness

These two stories give a sense of the way Kirk and Spock are written in fanfiction, the way what we see on the screen is interpreted and certain tropes turn up again and again; in these particular stories you'll see what I mean in the way the authors use logic. This elaborating on canon tropes ends up building 'fanon' -- a widely accepted body of fan created tropes that are often repeated. The first and most famous such slash trope is demonstrated in the story below -- the pon farr dilemma.

TREK Kirk/Spock, 'Both Sides Now: Celebrating Kandy Fong' by Francesca Coppa (songvid)

This was the first songvid, made up of slides set to music.

TREK Kirk/Spock, 'Still Amok' and 'Coals of Fire' by Jat Sapphire

TREK Kirk/Spock, 'Closer' by T. Jonesy and Killa (songvid)

This story and songvid between them are a beautiful encapsulation of the fuck-or-die dilemma that turns up over and over in fanfiction. In this case it looks at Spock's pon farr. (Implied rape warning for the songvid.)

ETA: cimness, who was an active member of Trek fandom, has generously given further recs in comments. Her recs more accurately reflect what was popular back in the day, so are well worth a look.


PROS Bodie/Doyle, 'Army Games' by Sebastian

PROS No Pairing, 'Detachable Penis' by the Media Cannibals (songvid)

Another early fandom, this time in the cop/buddy genre. Much of what is now being produced in NCIS fandom and so on has roots in Pros and Starsky and Hutch.


HL Duncan/Methos, 'Hope Chest' by elynross

Interesting look at how a person can reinvent themselves, and some of the ways identity/sexuality/gender can be fluid. The fantastic elements of SF/F/H shows are often used to explore implications of character in slash fiction, as opposed to being the impetus for an action plot in canon.


ETA: Some of chaosmanor's fic has been opened up, here.

I would rec chaosmanor, but most of her most influential stories are locked now. Ask her about them at the con.

POPSLASH Kylie/Madonna, Britney/Madonna, Not Solidarity by Faithtastic

POPSLASH Justin/Lance As Lucid as Hell by Sandy

Two interesting stories which show some of the ways in which real-person fiction is examining celebrity and the way we create stories.

LOTRIPS Otto/Blanchett, 'Common Tongues' by cupidsbow

This is possibly my most famous Lotrips story, both because femslash is rare, and because it was well received (also rare for femslash).


dS Fraser/Kowalski, 'Eight Sessions' by cesperanza

dS Fraser/Kowalski, 'Ray Is Not Actually Graphing His Relationship With Fraser' by sprat

dS Fraser/Kowalski, 'How Ray Got His Groove Back' by Bone and Aristide

dS Fraser/Kowalski, 'Broadway Hotel' by resonant8

dS Fraser/Kowalski, 'Learn to Speak Canine in Seven Easy Steps' by etcetera_cat

In some ways, dueSouth fandom was a turning point, in that the canon invited meta-fiction in a way earlier shows mostly didn't. As a result, this is an inventive and funny fandom, and I've tried to represent that here, as well as give a sense of the range of approaches taken (oh, impossible task).


ANGEL Angel/Lindsay, 'Sea Change' by Yahtzee.

ANGEL Angel/Spike, 'Your Woman' by charmax (songvid)

ANGEL Various Pairings, 'Whatever' by Luminosity and sisabet (songvid)

An interesting fandom, because the relationship between Angel and Spike is strongly implied in canon (given that they are vampires) and confirmed by Whedon. The fanworks often explored various BDSM themes (often while still maintaining a sense of humour), and the power dynamic between human/vampire is often a key element.


SV Clark/Lex, 'Conflicts of Interest' by rageprufrock

SV Clark/Lex, 'That Old Schizophrenic Jealousy' by scribblinlenore

SV Clark/Lex, 'Three Impossible Things' by seperis

SV Clark/Lex, 'The Butterfly Effect' by The Spike

SV Clark/Lex, 'Mercy' by Koi (Dark themes warning)

SV Various Pairings, 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' by astolat (songvid)

SV Clark/Lex, 'Map of the Problematique' by raspberry_splat (songvid)

SV Clark/Lex, 'Without You I'm Nothing' by sisabet (songvid)

This was another powerhouse fandom, largely because of the huge amounts of conflicting canon. Many of the best stories used elements of the larger Superman canon not shown in Smallville, and considered both the godlike aspects of Clark's power, and the psychological damage done to Lex.

Harry Potter

HP Harry/Draco, 'If You've a Ready Mind, by sarahtales

HP Harry/Snape, 'Maneater' by jarrow (songvid)

The largest fandom of all. I don't have anything to say about this one. There is too much. These recs give barely a taste, but most of fandom have read sarahtales, even if they aren't in HP.

ETA: kayleigh_jane has kindly linked to a 'best of' list in comments.


VOR Miles/Gregor, 'A Deeper Season' by sahiya and lightgetsin

A book fandom! There isn't really a substantive Vorkosigan fandom, but this is one of those fics that everyone reads. Awesome and clever.


HOUSE House/Wilson, 'Maryland' by astolat

HOUSE House/Wilson, 'Defensive Strategies' by milkshake_b

HOUSE House/Wilson, 'If We Shadows Have Offended' by mystictwilight (songvid)

I don't have much to say about these -- they are well done, and give a sense of some ways plot can be used to further slash. The songvid is a very clever constructed reality.


ANTH Canon/Fanon, 'The Corruption of Canon' by virtualinsomnia

ANTH Het/Slash, 'Het vs Slash' by pauraque

Fanfiction about fanfiction. :)

Stargate: Atlantis and SG1

This is the fandom I currently know best, so I've fleshed out the recs with some thematic stories, such as genderfuck and transformation, and also linked to some primers and other resources.

SG1 Jack/Daniel, Sam/Janet, 'Wormhole X-treme' by Lady G


SGA McKay/Sheppard, 'Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose' by synechdochic

SGA No Pairing, 'This is How it Works' by Lim (songvid)

This story and songvid go together. This is probably the most famous story in SGA, and one of the most widely-read fanfiction stories to date.

SGA McKay/Sheppard, 'You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)' by trinityofone

Genderfuck story.

SGA McKay/Sheppard, 'Class: Insecta' by cupidsbow

Transformation story.

SGA McKay/Sheppard, 'Place Your Hand' by mmmchelle

Post-rape story.

SGA McKay/Sehppard, 'Wide Open Ocean' by setissma

One of the many well-done alternate universes inspired by this fandom.

SGA McKay/Sheppard, 'Absolutely Cuckoo' by zoetrope (songvid)

A charming and funny constructed reality songvid.

Previous SGA rec lists I've put together include: A Primer for Reading SGA Fanfic, and A Genderfuck Reader in SGA.

lauredhel, you can find links to stories about disability here. Two stories are directly linked (they are stories which consider life with a disability in interesting ways), and two thematic masterlists are also linked, containing many more stories.


SPN Sam/Dean, 'Bad Blood' by astolat

The ethics of incest in stories is a current hot topic thanks to this fandom.


SCRUBS JD/Dr Cox, 'My Big Breakup' by iamsab

SCRUBS JD/Turk, 'My Gay Jungle Fever' by typicrobots

How to play with a very stylised canon.


The following are just a handful of posts about slash and fanfiction which will give some tiny feel for the way that fanfiction and commentary go hand in hand.

The Return of the Author: Contexts and Authorial Fallacies by Kristina Busse

How to Watch a Fanvid by Henry Jenkins

fanfic : pro-fic :: lazy: original? by astrogirl2

Authorial intent, derivative fiction, and literary criticism by carmarthen

What I'd like non-fans to know about fanfic by penknife

Anti Fanfic Bingo Card by ithiliana et al.

Continuum of Slash by linaerys

RPS: Another Perspective by hederahelix

rps characters are empty signifiers by lobelia321

Fandom and Male Privilege by cereta

Recommendations for further reading

ETA: As cimness pointed out in comments, the most representative multi-fandom slash resource is crack_van. It's a recommendation site in which many different volunteers rec stories in many different fandoms. For that reason, the quality is wildly variable, but it's hard to beat the number of fandoms represented, or the recognition of 'classics' from within those fandom.

You can find my multifandom rec site at rec_room (older stories), and on (for newer stories). Stories I think are particularly effective are Highly Recommended or given the Blue Ribbon.

I also maintain a list of other people's rec sites.

If it's meta you are looking for, you can find it on metafandom, or in my Memories under Slash Meta.

Happy reading!
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