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Various Things

First up, a reminder: Slashcon is coming
Heee. /bad pun.
You need to sign up for slashcon as soon as possible if you're planning to go, as we need to finalise the bookings. Contact chaosmanor at chaosmanor(at)gmail(dot)com. You can find all the details here. It's going to be awesome.

I'm putting together a rec set of "canon" slash stories and songvids. If anyone has suggestions please leave them in comments. Any fandom welcome.

I'm also looking for ideas for the program. Get in touch if you want to run a panel/workshop/discussion, or if you have another idea. cupidsbower(at)gmail(dot)com

Second, the poll result.
It is now clear to me that a typical cupidsbow story consists of:

  • R-rated Stargate: Atlantis slash, probably with a science fiction/romance plot, and the themes of yearning and friendship; or
  • PG-13/15 rated real person slash, with a comedy/friendship plot which turns a cliche on its head, and laced with either action or porn.

Additionally, cupidsbow is known for: writing about writing, writing about fandom, recommending fanfiction, and generally linking to interesting stuff.

From this I conclude that, yes, cupidsbow does have a brand identity. I'm not sure quite what the implications of that are, yet. It suggests that if I post, for instance, a G-rated Harry Potter tragic horror story about Ginny Weasley, few people would read it because of pre-existing expectations. I wonder if that's why some writers end up creating alternate pseuds? So that stories have a chance to be read on their own merits? Hmmm. I shall think on this.

In other news.

  • Cory Doctorow and Trent Reznor continue to break the minds of corporate executives. This fills me with glee.
  • New Scientist have put together Climate change: A guide for the perplexed. It's interesting, and damning.
  • If you're an Aussie, you should consider signing GetUp!'s climate change petition.
  • If you're an academic in the Humanities, you might want to check out the Open Humanities Press. The upcoming issue of Culture Machine is going to be on "Piracy" which should be interesting.
  • sheafrotherdon, with her usual fannish verve, is holding The great big SGA rec festival!. I'm reminded once more that a) there are many awesome stories/art/vids in SGA, and b) my taste is very different from other fans. There are so many great recs in the threads (some of them even new to me), but most of them are not my "all-time must reads". I kinda love that. Viva la difference, etcetera.

I think that's everything. *goes off to write more fic, possibly R-rated Stargate: Atlantis slash, with a science fiction/romance plot, and the themes of yearning and friendship*
Tags: acafandom, announcement, fandom, links, recs
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