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Story Stats for SGA

A few people have posted story stats in the past, and I've always found myself fascinated. For instance, isiscolo has many thinky things to say on her feedback tag posts. A lot of it boils down to what we instinctively know: fanfic has a short shelf-life; most of the reading happens within a week of posting; and most readers don't comment. lobelia321 and paceus have also discussed this recently, which has made me want to crunch some numbers myself.

I can't really do something in-depth like isiscolo, as I don't collect those kinds of stats -- I played briefly with LJ Toys, but seeing all that traffic through my LJ freaked me out, so I stopped.

Also, I'm too lazy to go back and look at all of my 70+ stories, even if LJ hadn't eaten a lot of the comments from the older ones. But. I'm just motivated enough to look at the comment numbers, posting dates and that kind of stuff for SGA.

You can find the stories I'm about to talk about here.

What I've posted:

  • SGA-related fic-type things: 48
  • Completed stories: 26
  • WIPs (only those with parts posted): 3
  • Remixes: 3
  • Stories written for challenges/exchanges (not including flashfics): 13
  • Flashfics: 5

Posting dates and number of comments:

2005-10-19 Aliens Made Them Eat It (McShep PG-13) | 101 comments
2005-11-02 Military Intelligence (No Pairing, PG-13) | 29 comments
2005-11-24 The Education of Rodney McKay (McShep, R) | 185 comments
2005-12-05 The Scientific Method (McShep, R) | 226 comments
2005-12-19 A Brief History of Friendship (No Pairing, R) | 63 comments
2005-12-22 Thrill Ride (McShep, NC-17) | 178 comments
2006-03-01 The Relative Merits of Wanting and Getting (McShep, R) | 130 comments
2006-05-16 Mnemonic, or Four Ways John Sheppard Didn't Lose His Mind (McShep, R) | 118 comments
2006-08-19 primary (haiku, McShep, PG-13) | 49 comments
2006-09-18 A Change of Seasons (McShep, NC-17) | 157 comments
2006-11-15 Keylines (McShep, PG-13) | 29 comments
2006-12-16 Jungle Fever (McShep, PG-13) | 112 comments
2006-12-13 soon again gone (McShep, PG-15) | 115 comments
2007-02-08 Sheppard's Choice (No Pairing, R) | 125 comments
2007-04-15 Like You Touch Me (The Skin Hungry Remix) (McShep, PG-13) | 59 comments
2007-07-05 Home Fires (The Making Warmth Remix) (McShep, NC-17) | 108 comments
2007-12-23 Class: Insecta (McShep, NC-17) | 224 comments
2008-04-09 to dream such things (no pairing, PG-13) | 8 comments
2008-04-13 One Peace At A Time (One Damn Thing After Another) (McShep, R) | 52 comments
2008-04-25 Happily Ever After (the Pegasus remix) (McShep, PG-13) | 114 comments

2005-10-06 Balance and 2005-10-11 Brace (McShep, R) | 2 stories | 60 and 55 comments
2005-12-22 The Fiendish Plan of Dr. Macabre and 2005-12-24 Offspring of the Fiendish Plan of Dr. Macabre (McShep, R) |2 stories | 31 and 24 comments
2006-01-16 Forbidden Fruit and 2006-02-20 Windfall (McShep, NC-17) | 2 stories | 78 and 99 comments
2006-05-25 Overheard on Atlantis, 2006-06-26 Overheard in a Meeting, and 2006-10-09 Overheard at Supper (WIP, McShep, PG-13) | 3 chapters | 94, 80, and 197 comments
2007-10-27 8 ways not to write a fanfic and 2008-03-02 With 6 You Get Unicorns (McShep, NC-17) | 172 and 117 comments

2005-11-02 Being John Sheppard (WIP, McShep, NC-17) | 5 chapters of 11 | comments not counted (f-locked until completed)
2005-11-18 and 2005-12-07 LonelyHearts Atlantis (McShep, PG-15) | 2 posts | comments not counted (writing experiment)
2006-03-16 Guru (WIP, McShep, NC-17) | 16 comments
2006-04-22 The End of Restraint (Sheppard/Mary Sue, PG-13) | 19 comments
2007-08-03 The Appearance of Things (WIP, McShep, PG-13) | 29 comments
2008-04-07 Summary Executions 2: Lotrips and SGA (McShep, NC-17) | 47 comments

What I have taken from this exercise is:

  • I've written a lot. Somehow I always think I've written less than I actually have.
  • McKay/Sheppard stories really do get more comments.
  • Remixes really do get less comments when they are part of RemixRedux, but that doesn't hold true if they are posted just like any other story.
  • The Teyla story has the least comments.
  • Overall, my SGA stories tend to get a lot of comments. Many have over 100; some have over 200. I have no idea if this is normal for SGA. I know it's a high-comment fandom, so I suspect it isn't that out of the ordinary.
  • I've answered all comments on some fics and none on others, so these numbers aren't really comparable.
  • Looking at these posts again, I've realised that comments actually freak me out a bit, en masse. I'm fine with them one by one -- in fact, I love them -- but then there comes a point where I can't cope with them.
  • The freak-out factor is, I suspect, one of the reasons I haven't written any more of the Overheard series. It was just too much pressure for what was meant to be a bit of fluffy fun. *is an idiot*

So there you have it, warts and all. *squints at figures* I'm not quite sure what to make of it, actually. Thoughts?

Has anyone else done this? I'd be interested to see what trends you found.
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