cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Game: The Chief Medical Officer of Atlantis

We've done Rodney, Elizabeth/Sam and John (see the inbox game tag). Now it's time to get medical!

This time we're creating the inbox of the Chief Medical Officer, which means either Beckett or Keller. Bring out your dead zany medical mishaps, people!

The Inbox of the Chief Medical Officer of Atlantis

Write an email that would end up in the inbox of the Chief Medical Officer of Atlantis and post it in comments. It can be a Pegasus-style crisis, work reports, results of medical tests/experiments, anonymous requests for information, spam, medical supply lists, complaints, being supportive of people's good/bad news, results of the nurses' betting pool, scheduling medical exams, SGC updates, politics, personal emails from people on earth, idle chitchat or gossip... whatever you think might end up in Carson and/or Jennifer's inbox on a typical day in Atlantis.

Gen, het, slash all welcome. Please put ratings in the comment's subject line for anything above PG-13.
Tags: challenge, fun, inbox game, sga
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