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Slashcon Poll

I'm putting together the program for slashcon and I need some feedback. Below is a poll with the panel ideas I've brainstormed. If you're coming to Slashcon, please vote for your favourites (or suggest new topics in comments).

Poll #1198522 Slashcon Panels

Which of these panel topics most interests you? (pick all that apply)

Slashdom does comics (or does it?): X-Men, Tony Stark, Clark and Lex, Spiderman, yaoi
Why do action heroes/heroines need a sidekick? Who are your favourites?
How much meta do you like with your slash? Reconsidering recent controversies
How will gay equality affect slash (gay marriage, abolition of DADT)?
All about the girls (and other non-male genders): the rise of femmeslash, trans fiction and genderfuck
Original slash: what's it like; where do you find it; is it good?
The best of the rest: what's been happening in gen and het fiction lately? Recs, trends, the hot fandoms.
Romance: is there such a thing as a good romance? Does slash count? How is it different/similar?
Other (and I'll tell you about it in comments)

In addition to whatever is most popular, we will probably have:

Workshop: Vidding (Jenny)
Workshop: Art or Writing (Elaine)
Workshop: Podcasting (Hope)
Workshop: Writing (Cathy)

Reading circle (bring your favourite slash stories, or your own slash stories to read aloud).
Songvid circle (bring your favourite slashy songvids to share).

Discussion: Share your shiny new and rare fandoms, or just your latest hot button.
Discussion: Does openly gay canon stop slash? (You are welcome to bring along examples to support your argument: Queer as Folk, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Babylon 5, Buffy)

Reading: extract from Elaine's upcoming novel.
Topic: An introduction to fandom wikis (Hope).
Topic: OTW (Cathy and Hope).

If you have any other thoughts, please let me know, especially if you're one of the people I've dobbed it for a workshop or panel. :)

PS -- You can find a suggested reading list for slashcon here.
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