cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

The State of Me

I've had an exciting day today, full of washing dishes and clothes, and marinading pork for the Thai-style spring rolls we're having for dinner, and reading Anthropology papers for the essay I need to finish re-writing real soon now.

It's been full-on, I tell you. ;)

Anyway, it's been a nice change from last week, in which I wrote reports, proposals and applications up the kazoo (47 pages in four days!!), plus, you know, taught and stuff. It was a typical last week of semester, really. But w00t, I only have 80 assignments left to mark! (That is not irony. When I've said that to some people, they thought my glee was faked. BUT IT IS NOT. Eighty assignments is nothing compared to what I have already marked. OMG.)

In other news...

So, hey. Some chick has posted How To Write an Essay. You might find it useful.

And winning the award for most bizarre and yet strangely unsurprising buy-out, Disney is buying FanLib. Thank you angstslashhope for that news bulletin.


And on that note, I think it is time to attempt to reduce my GNP-sized sleep debt with a nap.

Have I missed anything else important in the last four days or so? Let me know if I have, okay? Ta.
Tags: life, links
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